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See the 'irresponsible' fashion ad banned for featuring an underweight model

by Rebekah Lowin /  / Updated  / Source: TODAY

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Saint Laurent’s (previously known as Yves Saint Laurent) latest ad, which appeared recently in Elle UK, has been banned after being deemed socially irresponsible by The Advertising Standards Authority.

The UK organization ruled that the model in the black-and-white photograph was "unhealthily underweight” and noted her "visible and … prominent” ribcage and her “very thin” thighs and knees.

Published on Wednesday, the ruling also stated that the ad breached the code of responsible advertising.

They’d first been tipped off to the ad by an Elle UK reader who "believed the featured model appeared unhealthily thin" and "challenged whether the ad was irresponsible."

Saint Laurent has not provided a substantial comment in response, but according to the agency, it has expressed disagreement over the idea that the model’s weight is unhealthy. And Elle declined to make a comment as well.

Still, their response may be irrelevant at this point, as the Advertising Standards Authority has decreed that the ad may not appear again in any publication.

Beat, a UK organization that works to assist those afflicted with eating disorders, told CNN that "the ASA ruling is not about whether this person in the picture is healthy, but whether the images of her are being used in a way that can have an irresponsible effect on others, and we are really pleased to see that they are taking action to uphold their responsibility for the social impact of adverts.”

This is only the latest in a long list of scandals and semi-scandals dealing with the fashion industry’s use of too-skinny models. Recently, the death of anorexic French model Isabelle Caro caused an uproar, and bans on underweight models in Israel and France have been instituted in response to the general global outcry over stick-thin models.

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