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7 easy, Instagram-worthy July 4th makeup looks and ideas

Show your patriotism by switching up your style!
/ Source: TODAY

Want to get extra festive this 4th of July? Add some sparkle (or even fireworks) to your look with cute and easy makeup ideas that celebrate America’s Independence Day.

From subtle red, white and blue eyes to super bold and patriotic glitter lips, we rounded up some of the best July 4th makeup ideas that are totally Instagram-worthy.

So, whether you want a low-key look or something dramatic for the holiday, check out the seven concepts below!

Go glam with red, white and blue eyes

Eyeshadow is one of the easiest ways to give your makeup a pop of color, and this look from beauty vlogger Jael Brown really utilizes the red and blue hues without appearing cheesy.

4th of July Makeup
Incorporate red and blue eyeshadow hues into your 4th of July makeup.jaebella13/Instagram

Get the look:

  1. Apply a base to the lid for priming and color. Brown suggests using Danessa Myricks Matte Colorfix in the shade “Primary Blue” for the blue eye and “Primary Red” for the red eye.
  2. Blend the base out until you have a gradient.

  3. Use red and blue eye shadow palettes for each respective eye, diffusing each deeper shade with the next lighter shade as you move out. Use smaller eyeshadow brushes as you go.

  4. Cut the crease with a glitter eyeshadow, and apply a white liquid eyeliner to the line above the crease.

  5. Use a black liquid eyeliner to create a wing along the lash line.

Incorporate star stickers for an extra pop of fun

Remember those metallic star stickers that kept you feeling rewarded during childhood? This look uses them, and, well, deserves one too for a job well done! Amanda Sliva who runs a beauty-focused Instagram account adds them to a pretty red, white and blue eyeshadow scheme.

4th of July Makeup
Pop on some star stickers for an easy and fun July 4th look.amandaslivabeauty/Instagram

Get the look:

  1. On one eye, blend blue eyeshadow onto the outer corner and into the crease, down to the lower lash line.
  2. Blend white eyeshadow into the blue and onto the inner corner of your lid. Do the same with your lower lash line. The two shades should meet in the middle of your lid and lower lash line.
  3. Repeat these steps with the other eye, except swap the blue for red eyeshadow.
  4. Pop some star stickers on to your temples next to where the shadow stops. Tip: if you want the stickers to stay on longer, use some lash glue to stick them down for extra hold.

Give your lips a patriotic sparkle

If you really want to turn heads (or snag lots of likes on social media), try this bold red, white and blue glitter look from Sara Cody, a lip art enthusiast on Instagram.

4th of July Makeup
How pretty are these patriotic glitter lips?sara_mua_/Instagram

Get the look:

  1. Apply a shine-free moisturizing lip balm.
  2. Apply red and blue lipsticks on opposite sides of the mouth (Cody used Anastasia Beverly Hills “Paint” liquid lipstick and Lime Crime Matte Velvetine lipstick in “New Americana.")
  3. Use a white base to blend both shades.
  4. After the lipstick is completely dry, apply cosmetic glitter (Cody used Lit Cosmetics Nirvana size 2, Firecracker size 3 and Diamond Girl size 3 glitters using Clearly Liquid Water Resistant Glitter Base.)
  5. Top it off with a clear lip gloss.

Get festive with red, white and blue glitter stars

A fun way to add a pop of patriotism to your makeup is with these cute glitter stars from cosmetologist Monique Powers.

4th of July Makeup
Create these glitter stars with a stencil.monique_powers/Instagram

Get the look:

  1. On a clean face, use a skin-safe adhesive over a star stencil placed flat on the skin. Carefully remove the stencil before the adhesive dries.
  2. After the adhesive is dry and clear in appearance, load a small brush with a generous amount of blue cosmetic glitter and apply it to the bottom ⅓ of the star.
  3. Continue with red and blue glitter, making sure to brush off any excess glitter before moving on to another color to avoid color mixing.
  4. When finished, use a big brush to remove any access glitter.

Go subtle with blue winged eyeliner and red lips

Bright red lipstick really pairs well with this easy blue winged eyeliner from makeup artist Cindy Espinoza.

4th of July Makeup
This simple look is easy to do!tinycindymakeup/Instagram

Get the look:

  1. Prime eyelids with concealer, then apply a loose powder bronzer onto eye crease.
  2. Using blue liquid eyeliner, create a wing.
  3. Top the eyeliner design with face glitter for some sparkle.
  4. Apply a stick highlighter in a white shade onto the inner eye corner and brow bone.
  5. Finish with a bold red lipstick on your lips to complete the look.

Create drama with a colorful fireworks design

If you really want a 4th of July makeup look that’s big and show-stopping, consider this fun fireworks design from makeup enthusiast LaTrisha Kiely. “I love this look because it’s festive, fun and doesn’t require perfection,” she told TODAY Style.

4th of July Makeup
If you want to go all out with your patriotism, this fireworks design is for you!latrisha_mue/Instagram

Get the look:

  1. Using a face-paint palette, draw a fireworks design using straight or curved lines.
  2. Fill the gaps in with white lines to add some dimension.

  3. For some extra pizazz, apply skin-safe adhesive and cosmetic glitter to the design.

Bold hues make this look pretty and patriotic

What’s great about this look from makeup artist Erica Merasse is that it’s bold, dramatic and classy. Plus, Merasse popped a white flower in her hair for a sweet touch.

4th of July Makeup
The red, white and blue colors really pop with this makeup look.lovelyericabeauty/Instagram

Get the look:

  1. Use a primer on clean skin, then fill in brows with a brown pomade or pencil.

  2. Brighten under the brow arch with a lighter concealer.

  3. Start eyeshadow with a transition shade, then apply a blue eyeshadow all over the eyelid.

  4. Create wing liner with a white liner.

  5. For the lips, line with a red lip pencil and fill with a red lipstick or gloss of your choice.