At 69 years old, Helen Mirren debuts first L'Oreal Paris commercial

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By Emily Sher

Once again, Dame Helen Mirren has proved that age and beauty are not mutually exclusive. The 69-year-old actress has just released her first commercial for L'Oreal Paris' Age Perfect campaign, which was first announced back in October. And her acquired years are at the forefront of the ad.

"Grow another year bolder," Mirren proclaims as she zips up a leather jacket. "Are we worth it? More than ever," she concludes as she eyes a younger man with a smirk. Her contract with the beauty brand is the latest in an ongoing trend of iconic women over the age of 50 appearing in high-profile fashion campaigns.

Actress Jessica Lange, model Twiggy and author Joan Didion have all been tapped to represent trendy brands usually coveted by the young and hip, while folk singer Joni Mitchell was recently chosen to cover New York Magazine's spring fashion issue.

Is this the start of a new movement that embraces signs of aging rather than trying to erase them? Or is it simply another trend that will quickly be dismissed next season? As these distinguished ladies know well, only time will tell.