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6 tips to fix damaged winter clothing and boots

If you're hunkering down for a big spring clean, you might find yourself thinking about tossing some of your favorites. But don't!
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If you're hunkering down for a big spring clean, you might think about tossing some worn-out items. But instead of throwing them away, why not refresh your favorites.

Whether it's a sweater that's slouched in the shoulders or shoes that need some TLC, Erin Phraner, senior producer of Buzzfeed's Nifty, is here with some tips to restore your favorite clothes to their original glory.

1. How to hang a sweater

Instead of hanging delicate knitwear the way you would hang a blouse, wrap the sweater around the hanger to take pressure off the shoulders. This will help prevent sweaters from stretching out and help keep the shape of your clothes for much longer.


2. How to de-pill a sweater

If your coziest sweaters have been well-loved over the past several months, they've likely ended up with a few fuzzy pills attached to the fabric. To keep them looking good as new, take a razor and gently glide the blade over the surface to remove them.


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3. How to remove makeup stains

There's nothing worse than a stubborn ring of foundation on the collar of a crisp white shirt, but all you need to deep clean the stain is a little shaving cream. Spray a little on, rub in vigorously (yes, you want to rub this one!) and rinse off with water. You'll likely need to repeat the process more than once, but it'll be back to bright white before you know it!

4. How to create a DIY steamer

If your clothes come out of storage looking unbearably wrinkled, it might be tempting to toss them instead of making them look fresh again. Fight that urge! Instead, throw your wrinkliest clothes in the dryer with a few ice cubes for 10 minutes — they'll come out steamed and wrinkle-free!

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5. How to de-odorize shoes

Nobody wants a closet full of smelly shoes (yuck!) but to banish stinky sneakers, all you need is a couple of tea bags. Stick one tea bag in each shoe and it'll soak up the moisture and odor overnight. Other alternatives to try: Stick a dryer sheet in each shoe or spray a small burst of dry shampoo for a quick fix!

6. How to refresh white sneakers and suede boots

If your favorite sneakers are scuffed up from last summer, all you need is a little bit of nail polish remover and a cotton ball to wipe away the dark marks.

Suede booties can take a beating if they get caught walking through the snow, but using a nail file to gently buff the fabric can keep your favorite pair in tip-top shape season after season.