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6 times Kimmy Gibbler from 'Full House' nailed the Met Gala's 'Camp' theme

D.J. Tanner's best pal on "Full House" has been wearing the Met Gala's trends for a long time.
/ Source: TODAY

The theme of Monday night's Met Gala — "Camp: Notes on Fashion" — had A-listers scrambling to put together over-the-top ensembles featuring boas, big hair and all sorts of outrageous fashion statements.

But there's someone who's been nailing these trends confidently since the '80s. That someone is Kimmy Gibbler.

That's right, D.J. Tanner's best pal from "Full House" is the embodiment of camp, a kitschy fashion aesthetic that embraces ironic and exaggerated styles.

In fact, actress Andrea Barber even hosts an annual costume contest in which fans attempt to re-create the character's famously eccentric outfits.

Here's a closer look at how several Met Gala attendees took notes from Kimmy's closet.

It's lit

Getty Images/Netflix

When Zendaya showed off her gorgeously illuminated Cinderella gown, we couldn't help but think of the light-up dress Kimmy memorably wore to the prom in the 1995 "Full House" finale.

Meaty endeavor

Getty Images/Netflix

While Katy Perry sported a hamburger costume, Kimmy opted for a bacon scarf in the first season of "Fuller House."

Rainbow bright

Getty Images/Hulu

Cara Delevingne, who turned heads in this colorful Dior number, evidently shares Kimmy's affinity for cheerful rainbow stripes.

Underwear as outerwear

Getty Images/Netflix

One of Lady Gaga's four looks from the event reminded us of the time Kimmy made underwear part of her outfit.

Pump up the volume

Getty Images/Netflix

Lili Reinhart's hairstylist cited Marie Antoinette as the inspiration for her dramatic updo, but Kimmy has been known to rock a bouffant with aplomb herself.

Pretty in pink

Getty Images/Netflix

Lizzo's fluffy wrap and Kimmy's fuchsia feather boa channeled similar vibes.