6 fun and festive Kentucky Derby hat styles 

Sure, the Kentucky Derby is officially about horse racing. But it’s also an opportunity to engage in a mint julep-fueled celebration of fashion.

Christine Moore, the “milliner of the Triple Crown,” provided TODAY’s Al Roker with a heads up on this year’s featured hats from her habdashery.

For those in a rush, the yellow feathers and ribbon of the Elizabeth is the perfect accessory.

“It’s on a headband. You can just put it on and go,” Moore said.

The "Elizabeth" comes on a headband. "You can just put it on and go," milliner Christine Moore told TODAY.

The large brown Clara provides an option for those who like a little bling mixed in with their lace.

The "Clara" offers lace and a bit of sparkle.

In a nod to the Kentucky Oaks race run two days before the Derby, and the garland of pink lilies that the winner receives, the Shana provides an opportunity to be pretty in pink.

The "Shana" is a bright pink option that definitely honors the Kentucky Derby's flamboyance.

The floppy Sprite has proved a popular choice because of its color, Moore said: “We sold more green this year than any other color."

The "Sprite" comes in the season's most popular color, green.

She said the Jennifer, a creamy white hat with black trim and a big, floppy black blow, is the kind of topper that declares, "This is racing."

The "Jennifer" is the hat that says, "This is racing," milliner Christine Moore, told TODAY.

The wide, multilayered Patty, however, is perhaps the “quintessential Derby lady,” Moore suggested.

The "Patty" is the grande dame of the Derby hats.

Roker agreed.

“That’s a big hat,” he said.