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/ Source: TODAY
By Donna Freydkin

Gabrielle Union has friends with benefits. As in, major beauty benefits.

She and Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba are co-starring in NBC's upcoming "Bad Boys" spinoff, "L.A.'s Finest." And working with Alba has some serious perks.

"She has outfitted me with everything from cleaning products to laundry detergent to skin care. And I am loving the lip balm and hand sanitizer," said Union.

Let's just say that Union, a veteran of countless film and TV sets, knows her way around the beauty department and what works for her. Here are some of her standbys.

Beauty and Skincare Favorites

Honest Beauty Magic Balm, $10, Amazon

Also get this at Dermstore.

"The lip balm is not goopy," said Union of pal Alba's recommendation. "Jess has managed to figure out a lip balm that absorbs and leaves your lips soft and supple. The woman knows her lip balm and I want kissable lips like Jessica Alba."

L’Oreal Voluminous Original Volume Building Curved Brush Mascara, $5, Amazon

Ulta sells this as well!

"It’s a reasonably-priced product that I’ve been using for years. And it makes your lashes pop," said Union of this drugstore mascara.

The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray, $3, Nordstrom

Also available at Buy Buy Baby.

"The whole set, I am obsessed with. It’s a godsend, especially when people get sick on set," said Union.

Luzern Laboratories Pure Cleansing Creme, $60, Dermstore

"I’m really big fan of Luzern products. I love the entire line. It's what I've used for years," said Union.

Of course, Union isn't just shooting a TV show or writing a best-selling book. The queen of multi-tasking also has her own clothing line at New York & Company, with the fall collection out today and more styles to come later this week. All the pieces are affordable, stylish and size-inclusive. That's no happy accident.

"I want all women to slay," said Union. "To me, empowering clothing is something comfortable enough to allow you to take over the world. It’s hard to make it through the work day in clothes that feel like they’re attacking you and your finances. I want a price tag that won’t send you into debt. I want it made of material that lets you function. I want clothes that let you get dressed without someone helping you and clothes that let you go to the bathroom during the day."

At the end of the day, isn't that really what we all want?

Fashion Favorites

Gabrielle Union Collection Pleated Sheath Dress, $90, New York & Company

This sheath dress is powerful enough to pull rank in the boardroom, but pretty enough to slip into for date night.

Gabrielle Union Collection Denim Jumpsuit, $90, New York & Company

"I love a denim jumpsuit," said Union. "That’s reflected in every collection. You might think, 'Can there be another denim jumpsuit?' Why yes, there can be. I wore one yesterday to a beach barbecue with my husband’s teammates. I just changed my shoes when we went to dinner. I felt so dope and so sexy and reasonably appropriate. I felt fly."

Union is ruthless when it comes to her own closet. She purges every three months.

"I am not a fan of clutter. In Miami, it’s just hot here all the time, so the closet is colorful and body-conscious and things are a lot shorter," said Union. "In L.A., it's laid-back casual chic. How can I look like Stevie Nicks and Cher and Diana Ross and Donna Summer but make it look like I haven’t been planning it for the last three months? If I lived in New York, my whole closet would be all-black."

Gabrielle Union Collection Zip-Front Jumpsuit, $130, New York & Company

So let's say you wanted to invest in just one item, something you could wear for years?

"I will say to get a perfect tailored black blazer. I say tailored. You could have a very expensive black blazer that if it’s not tailored correctly to your body, it’s gonna look nuts and then you just dropped a rent check on a blazer. Or you can buy one for $39.99 and if it’s tailored right it looks like a thousand bucks," said Union. "It goes from super-professional to business casual to super-cool casual outwear. I have tailored blazers under $100 that look way better than my super expensive blazers that I never put on."

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