6 easy ways to organize your closet in the new year

It might be time to address that pile of T-shirts on the floor.
Closet with shoes and clothes
Make more space in your closet with these helpful organizing tips.Shutterstock
/ Source: TODAY

As temperatures fall and you start pulling out those cold-weather pieces that have been tucked away for the last six months, what better time than now to tackle your disorganized closet?

In the spirit of tidying up, we’ve rounded up our five fastest and easiest tips for maximum organization. You'll be sorted out just in time to make room for your favorite fall clothes!

1. Fold that nagging pile of T-shirts

Sure, that pile of T-shirts might have been helpful in the summer. You'd just grab one from the pile and go, right? But with the weather changing, you'll want to make more room for sweaters and jackets. Take those summer T-shirts and turn them into a neat, organized stack in minutes using this helpful method.

2. Donate unwanted clothes

It's hard to part with your clothes, but if you want to make room to enjoy your favorite pieces, you might just have to. If you haven't worn a piece of clothing for a whole season, consider donating it.

3. Hang up your sweaters — the right way

It’s that time again! Unpack and hang up those winter sweaters. And don't just throw them in a pile. If you've wondered how to hang a sweater without stretching it out, this easy folding method will be so helpful.

4. Save sock-drawer space

If you’ve been rolling your socks — or worse, just tossing them solo into a pile — we’ve got news for you: You’re doing it wrong. Instead, try this technique, which turns your rolled or mismatched socks into neat, little cubes.

5. Organize your junk drawer

If you have some empty shoeboxes lying around, you’re already halfway done. Trim the boxes to fit inside your drawers, and voila, instant organizers!

6. Reuse makeup containers

Have pretty makeup containers collecting dust on your shelf? Make them into something useful! Mason jars or upcycled containers are perfect for organizing or storing summer makeup items you might retire for the cooler months.

Here's to a cleaner, more organized room!