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5 easy braids for girls to try now

These five braids for girls are so cute and easy, you'll want to wear them, too!
Easy braids for girls
Looking for a new hairstyle? Try these cute and easy braids for girls.Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington
/ Source: TODAY

Getting your kids dressed, fed and out the door in the morning is no easy task. And if you also have to manage a little one's mane, it can be downright stressful.

Luckily, braids are a great option for children of all ages because they are easy to do and you can create fun, trendy looks by combining different versions of them together.

“Children don’t always sit still for any length of time so the braid also ensures that the style will stay in place all day long,” editorial hairstylist Gina Guercia told TODAY Style. “Once you detangle the hair and braid it, the hair will stay tangle-free throughout the day. The bonus is that when you remove the braid you get a beautiful head of beach waves without using a curling iron or rollers.”

Here are five easy braids for girls.

1. Braided crown

1. Split hair into two sections. Start braiding hair from the nape of the neck all the way through the entire section until you run out of hair. Leave some hair out of the braid around the hairline. Secure each braid with an elastic.

Braided crown
The two sections don't have to be even — perfection isn't the goal!Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

2. Wrap the braid around to the top of the head and secure with fun barrettes & bobby pins all throughout the braids.

Braided crown hairstyle for kids
Bows and stars keep the look young and fun.Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

Scunci Girl No Damage Polyband Elastic

2. Messy mohawk braided pony

1. Section the top of hair from temple to temple, about 5 inches back. Either French Braid or three-strand braid from the hairline throughout the entire section.

2. Blend the braid into the remaining hair, smooth with a natural bristle brush and secure ponytail with an elastic. Cover elastic with a fun scrunchie.

Braided mohawk ponytail for girls
Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

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3. Half-up pull-through braid

1. Create three small ponytails starting at the crown of the head and working your way halfway down. Split the top ponytail and wrap it around the back of the elastic below it. Secure with another elastic.

Hairstyles for girls
Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

2. Use your fingers to spread out the hair to give it a fuller, more natural look. Continue until you complete each section.

Easy braids for girls
This hairstyle looks much more complicated than it actually is.Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

3. Add fun hair pins or barrettes in between each section.

Easy braided hairstyles
This is such a fun, unique look!Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

4. Half-up boho braid

1. Create four small braids, two on each side of the head. Start the first braid at the hairline part and the second braid right underneath it on both sides.

half-up braid for girls
Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

2. Create a larger braid down with a middle section of hair.

easy braids for girls
If you can create a three-strand braid, then this hairstyle should be a cinch.Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

2. Drag the two small braids on each side of the head towards the middle braid and secure them with decorative hair pins.

Braided hairstyles for girls
This would be an adorable style for a special occasion. Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

5. French braid pigtails

1. Split hair in half into two sections. Start braiding from the top hairline and work your way all the way through the entire section until you run out of hair.

2. Leave some hair out of the braid around the hairline. Secure each braid with knotted elastics.

Braids for girls
This is a tried-and-true classic that will never go out of style!Anden Emery, @nudaraphoto & Ellee Emery, @ell.ington

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Tips for braiding:

Guercia gave two pro tips to keep in mind for all of the looks above.

1. Kids don’t love to sit still for any length of time so a good detangling brush that works quickly is key. “The Knot Dr. for Conair Brush is a total life saver,” she said. “Especially for getting tangles out of my 4-year-old's hair. You can use it on wet or dry hair, so it’s also great for bath time. It comes in a case which makes it super easy to travel with.”

2. If you want to create waves, French braid damp hair before bed. Remove braids in the morning for a foundation of natural braid waves. On dry hair, distribute a pea-size amount of R&Co Dry Shampoo Paste from roots to ends.