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35 scary Halloween costumes to frighten everyone you know

With Halloween costumes this scary, you'll be sure to frighten everyone you know. Apologies for the nightmares.
/ Source: TODAY

Ladies and gentleman, Halloween is quickly approaching. So, whether you are attending a major soirée or watching a scary movie with friends, this is the year to put the “horror” in Halloween. From vampires to ghouls, here’s our round-up the 35 scariest costumes around. Apologies in advance for the nightmares.

1. "Purge" horror madness

Re-create the chaotic madness from this summer’s hottest horror flick with these simple, yet hair-raising face masks.

2. Snow Fright

Not all princesses have a happy ending. The popular Brother’s Grimm protagonist looks virtually unrecognizable in this wildly horrific get-up.

3. Attack of the gremlins

Don’t bother hiding your inner demons this Halloween; let them run amok with the other creatures of the night.

4. Scary skeletal pair

Skeletons are a popular go-to costume. Throw on a pair of creepy contacts and a casket-ready suit for an extra-scary effect.

5. The bride from below

An ominous Victorian bride in all black evokes a chilling scene straight out of an Anne Rice novel.

6. Ghoulish scarecrow

Farmers beware—this scarecrow will scare more than just crows.

7. Scream for ice cream

No frozen treats? No problem. Your local ice cream man is now a psychotic clown on the loose. Who's hungry?

8. Ax-ellent idea

A gory scene like this could easily rival the legend of Lizzie Borden.

9. Mermaid hybrid

Part human part sea creature — here’s a creepy take on a mythological favorite.

10. Frankenstein

It’s alive! It’s alive! Resurrect Mary Shelly’s spine-tingling monster in a beat-up old blazer and zombie-inspired makeup.

11. Vampire

This is one creature of the night you won’t want to bump into.

12. Gothic glam

From runway to real way, welcome to the dark side in this luxe goth get-up.

13. Mummified

Literally wrap yourself in style — then top it off with Day of the Dead-inspired makeup.

14. The Joker

Bring the fictional super villain to life courtesy of his creepy, perpetual grin.

15. Grim butcher

This costume is terrifying enough to make you want to go vegetarian — or even vegan.

16. Red Riding Horror

The European fairy tale goes super dark with this haunting take.

17. Bloodthirsty vamps

They’ll suck the life (and blood) out of you in style.

18. The plague doctor

Seeing one of these Venice-inspired masks mean death is literally at your door.

19. Slashed twins

It's double the trouble (and gore) with these frightening #twinning costumes.

20. Cloaked figure

Spotting this haunting figure will make you think twice about leaving the house alone.

21. Wednesday Addams

The “child full of woe” returns — headless dolls not included.

22. Unzipped

Show ‘em what you got and what lies underneath with impressive stage makeup.

23. Zombie chauffeur

Death is just a short drive away.

24. Maurice from "Little Monsters"

Are you afraid of the monster under the bed? You should be.

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25. Wicked Witch

Dorothy's arch-enemy channels the dark side.

26. Creepy werewolf

You better hope the full moon isn't out — this mythical creature is just a howl away.

27. Edward Scissorhands

Channel the misunderstood hairdresser made famous by Johnny Depp.

28. Scary doll face

When sweet goes sinister the after effects are horrifying.

29. Lord Voldemort

The unmentionable name still terrorizes Harry Potter and all those around him.

30. Flapper Ghost of Waldheim Cemetery

Don't let her hauntingly beautiful looks fool you — she's been haunting the city of Forest Park for decades.

31. Frightful clown

There's nothing funny about this disturbing circus act.

32. Decaying corpse

Rotting fresh and decaying clothes are necessities of the walking dead.

33. Crazed chainsaw

You don't have to be in Texas to be terrorized.

34. Harley Quinn

"The Suicide Squad's" most infamous star is slated to be one of 2016's most popular costumes.

35. Spider horror

Tap into everyone's arachnophobia with this creative get-up.