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33 DIY Halloween costume ideas you can make now

by Jordan Muto /  / Updated  / Source: TODAY

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The pressure to figure out your Halloween costume is rising. But finding the perfect outfit doesn't have to be stressful, expensive nor left to the pre-made costumes at your local party store. There's still plenty of time to make use of your creativity and whip up the DIY costume of your dreams.

Whether you're looking for group outfits or something to go as solo, we've found 33 DIY costume ideas that will surely win your costume contest.

1. Jelly beans

Multicolored balloons, a plastic bag and ribbon are all it takes to be a bag of jelly beans. This tutorial will show you how to make this costume in minutes.

2. Peacock

This costume might look complicated, but LaurDIY's tutorial will leave you with a beautiful peacock costume in minutes. It's actually quite easy to make!

3. Flight attendant

Homemade halloween costumes
Homemade halloween

A silk scarf, airline pin, luggage and quick updo will be all it takes to look the part of an airline flight crew. What I Wore shows you how to easily master the look in using pieces you already own.

4. Rosie the Riverter

You can do it! A denim shirt, bun and red bandanna is all you need to channel your inner Rosie the Riveter.

5. Silent film actors

Homemade halloween costumes
Homemade halloween

A vintage style dress, a headband, some pearls and a dialogue card will easily let you be a silent film actor this fall. Shrimp Salad Circus has the scoop on completing this costume.

Plus, here's a super-simple makeup tutorial you can master.

6. Laverne and Shirley

Today Halloween costumes Laverne and Shirley
Get the TODAY look at home with these easy DIYs.AP, Jeff Mindell Photography

Using the items you already have at home, plus some needle and thread, you can easily be Laverne and Shirley like Savannah and Natalie back in 2013. Just follow this easy tutorial.

7. French fries

Take your french fries addiction to the next level by making your own costume. YouTube star Ivorygirl48 will show you how to make similar style in her tutorial.

8. Frida Kahlo

Make a flower crown out of silk flowers, draw in those signature, thick eyebrows and rock some statement jewelry to be this famous artist for Halloween.

9. Lucile Ball

Homemade halloween costumes
Homemade halloween costumessailingoveracardboardsea.blogspo

Add some hair rollers, bobby pins and red hair spray to turn yourself into the lovely Lucile Ball. Sailing Over a Cardboard Sea will walk you through the steps to getting this signature look.

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10. Ice cream cone

YouTuber Brooklyn Gabby says that a white T-shirt, tan skirt, cutup colored felt and white hairspray can transform you into an ice cream cone. Her tutorial will give you the full scoop.

11. Mary Poppins

Le Chic Chic Boom has narrowed it down the nine items you need to be the ultimate Mary Poppins this Halloween.

12. Dia de los Muertos skeleton

Lots of colorful makeup can transform you into a Day of the Dead skeleton.

13. Cowgirl

These five items will leave you ready for the rodeo this Halloween. They can also make for a picnic in the park costume. Our tutorial will show you how to transform yourself.

14. Kathie Lee and Hoda

Merrilee Liddiard

Grab a friend, throw on a colorful dress and print out our Kathie Lee and Hoda masks and be TODAY's favorite fourth-hour ladies this Halloween.

15. Queen of England

The Queen of England DIY costume
Jeff Mindell Photography

Everyone will be saying "Hail the Queen" when you walk into the Halloween party in this costume. Channel your inner Queen Elizabeth with the help of our tutorial.

16. Emojis

The whole family can be emojis this year with Hello, Wonderful's easy tutorial.

17. Strawberry

DIY Studio walks you through all the steps for making this costume, so you can be this adorable strawberry for Halloween.

18. Cupcake

It'll be a sweet Halloween, thanks to this DIY cupcake costume from All Thing's Alisa.

19. "Orange Is the New Black"

Grab these five items and you might be mistaken for a cast member of "Orange Is the New Black." This costume can also do double duty; if you switch out a few items, you can be a jack o'lantern too with the help of our tutorial.

20. Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster never looked so cute. You can make your very own Cookie Monster costume with The Joy of Fashion's step by step guide.

21. Olaf

Just because you're an adult, doesn't mean you can't be a "Frozen" character. YouTuber MyLifeAsEva has a simple and inexpensive Olaf costume tutorial.

22. Gumball machine

This gumball machine might look difficult to make, but YouTuber Haley Fletcher's tutorial will show you how to do it in a jiffy.

23. Magician

Six items and you'll be pulling all the tricks in this magician costume. Our tutorial will teach you how to put it together. The best part is, you can sub a few items to instantly be a "Game of Thrones" character, too.

24. Doughnut

Make your very own doughnut costume that looks quite similar to this one with the help of YouTuber Evette Rios' tutorial.

25. Pizza

You can make DIYStudio's pizza slice costume faster than you get an actual pizza delivered thanks to these step-by-step instructions.

26. Starbucks

YouTuber LaurDIY will walk you through making you very own Frappucino costume in her video tutorial.

27. Madeline

Throw it back to childhood in this Madeline costume as featured on with ideas on how to re-create the look for Halloween.

28. Waldo

Can't find a red striped shirt to rock the Waldo look? YouTuber Andrea's Choice has an easy DIY video tutorial that will show you how to make just about all the pieces at home.

29. Taco

Make your own taco costume with So So Happy's tutorial. It's super easy to make!

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30. Russell from "Up"


Being Russell from the movie "Up" is actually quite easy as Fancy Made has step-by-step instructions for achieving the look on your own.

31. Flower Power

A flower power costume is super easy to pull off. All you need is to make a crown out of silk flowers. Wear a little fringe, put on some booties and tout the powers of peace.

32. Cotton Candy

It just takes seven items and a bit of time to make blogger Aww, Sam's cotton-candy costume.

33. Cactus

Be a neon lit up dancing cactus this Halloween with Shrimp Salad Circus' step-by-step instructions.

This article was originally published on Oct. 30, 2015 on

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