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3 ways to get heatless curls that look gorgeous

Using balloons, tank tops and headbands, these heatless curl methods are easy and fun!
/ Source: TODAY

On hot summer days, it's cringe-worthy to even think about using hot styling tools. What’s a gal to do when she needs easy-breezy curls? Well, she could try these alternatives to avoid sweating in a bathroom with a blow dryer or an iron.

The best part? Some of these heat-free methods will even do the work overnight. Lazy girls, rejoice!

Heatless curls
Angela Cruz

“Remember when women used to sleep in those pink sponge rollers? Hitting the hay with a tank top on your head is the same premise,” says Kevin Mai, a Georgia-based hairstylist at High Maintenance Salon Suites.

TODAY YouTube Social Star, Angela Cruz, demonstrates three different ways to achieve beautiful, heatless curls.

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Balloon curls

Pro tip: Start with hair that's damp — not soaking wet and apply a styling product.

“Whether it’s firm-hold mousse or a frizz cream, you’ll want something to give the curls staying power,” Mai suggests. “If you try curling hair that is too wet, it will still be damp eight hours later and your curls won’t be set.”

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Tank top curls

Pro tip: Take your time when wrapping hair around a curling object.

“This is the most important part, because it’s harder to fix a bad bend in your hair if you don’t pay attention to the direction the hair is wrapping,” Mai warns. “Heatless curls tend to set harder than curls created with a hot tool.”

Headband curls

Pro tip: Finish with hairspray.

“Immediately after you remove the curlers, spritz all over your hair with a firm-hold hairspray,” Mai says. “As the hairspray sets, you can manipulate the style into the look you prefer.”

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