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2 fabulous hairstyles to try for a new look in the new year

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton drops by to share two fabulous looks to try out in the new year, both inspired by his famous client, Jennifer Lopez.
/ Source: TODAY

If the start of the new year has you feeling inspired to go bold, especially when it comes to your hairstyles, then you're in luck!

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton visited TODAY's Fourth Hour to share two easy hairstyles anyone can try at home. (Not to mention, create a fun ponytail for Hoda Kob!)

Sleek ponytail

J.Lo ponytail
Nathan Congleton/TODAY

1. Start with a high ponytail and leave a side-swept section out in the front.

2. Attach a hair piece to your ponytail and then wrap a piece of natural hair around it, so no one has to know your secret. Secure the wrapped piece of hair with a bobby pin.

3. Secure the front section with a bobby pin placed near the ear.

Beautiful bun

Bun hairstyle

1. Start with a ponytail played directly behind the head.

2. Use a brush to backbrush or tease the ponytail and add more volume.

3. Place a hair piece or a sock bun at the end of the ponytail and roll it toward the head.

4. Pull both sides of the roll to cover up the holes and pin securely all around.