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By Courtney Gisriel and Donna Freydkin

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Summer is here, which means sand, sandals, SPF and sunglasses. But don’t be blinded by prices — because the cost of shades has nothing to do with their efficiency.

“They do not have to cost a lot of money to work well. Less expensive sunglasses marked as 100 percent UV blocking can be just as effective at protecting the eyes as other pricier options,” said Dr. Stephanie Erwin, an optometrist at the Cleveland Clinic.

So if you want to go fancy, by all means, grab a pair of Tom Fords. But don’t let labels fool you. Instead, pay attention to the key words that mean sunglasses are effective at what they’re meant to do.

“The most important function of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from UV rays. You want your sunglasses to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Always choose sunglasses that are marked as blocking 100 percent of UV rays. Some manufacture labels say ‘UV absorption up to 400nm.’ which is the same as 100 percent UV protection,” said Erwin.

The takeaway: Everyone should slip on a pair of shades.

“Sunglasses are vital to protect the eye and the skin around the eye from damaging UV rays, which can cause eye diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration, keratitis or even cancer around the eyes."

Take a peek at some of the season’s best sunglasses, all featuring the recommended level of UV protection. And TODAY Style Squad member Jill Martin offers up a few easy tricks to find your face shape, and suggestions for which frame will look most stunning on you.

Sunglasses for heart shaped faces

If you have a wider forehead and the rest of your face gradually narrows to your chin, there's a pretty good chance your face is heart-shaped. The best frames for you are cat-eye sunglasses or round frames.

Joopin Cat Eye Sunglasses, $12, Amazon

Le Specs is another brand we love, especially for its massive selection of cat-eyed styles, available at Shopbop.

Le Specs Bandwagon' 51mm Sunglasses, $59, Nordstrom

Sunglasses for oval shaped faces

An oval-shaped face is slightly longer in the lower half and has a bit of a rounded jaw. If you have an oval face, you're going to want to stick to soft, angular frames like aviator sunglasses.

Steve Madden Christina Sunglasses, $28 (usually $40), Zappos

PERVERSE Buh Bye Paparazzi Sunglasses, $48, Zappos

Walmart also carries this brand (and style).

Sunglasses for round faces

If your face is about as long as it is wide and you have a more rounded jawline, you most likely have a round face. To balance out your less angular features, add a pair of wide or rectangular frames.

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer 52mm, $143, Zappos

Sunglass Hut has a pretty major selection as well.

Quay Australia High Key QUAY X DESI, $65, Zappos

Also check these out at Shopbop.

Sunglasses for square shaped faces

If your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are about equal width and you have a strong jaw, you may have a square-shaped face. To complement your shape, go for round frames, oval-shaped shades or cat-eye sunglasses.

Le Specs Revolution 53mm Aviator Sunglasses, $89, Nordstrom

BP 54mm Lace Detail Round Sunglasses, $14, Nordstrom

Sunglasses for oblong shaped faces

If the bottom half of your face is longer than the top half, you might have an oblong face shape. This shape can often fit into other categories, but the best sunglasses include oversized shades and wrap style sunglasses.

Tifosi Optics Dea SL Sunglasses, $50, Zappos

Amazon also has a variety of styles.

Guess GF0143 Sunglasses, $30, Amazon

Leith 61mm Rimless Square Sunglasses, $24, Nordstrom

We also love these SunCloud oversized shades from Zappos.

Splurge for anyone!

So, price has no bearing on the efficacy of the lenses. But sometimes, you just want to blow it out and get something trendy. Here are two pairs we (and celebs) love.

Illesteva Women's Baxter Sunglasses, $230, Amazon

You can also buy these at Net-a-Porter.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, $203, Macys

You can buy similar styles at Amazon!