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By Kate Winick

Bachelorette party games are the perfect way to liven up a girls' night out. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt that gets a little scandalous or a groom questionnaire that leaves you all "aww"-ing at how much he loves his lady, these are our favorite bachelorette party games ever.


This classic requires a little planning ahead, but it’s worth it for the funny moments. Call or email the groom a list of questions about the bride, and have him respond with what he thinks her answer will be—sometimes the differences are quite surprising! As a bonus round, have him answer the same questions for himself, and see if the bride gets his answers right.

Bride trivia

Have the bride-to-be answer a list of questions before your night out, then give your guests a multiple choice test to see how well they know her—grab a box of those ubiquitous penis candies to toss out as prizes to whoever guesses correctly. If you're small, close-knit group, you can have everyone answer the questions, and try to match the answer to the guest.

Lingerie shower

Turn this bridal standby into a fun party game by having each guest buy a pair of sexy, scandalous, or funny undies in the bride's size, and throw them all into a bag. As she pulls them out one by one, she has to guess who got them for her—and if you want to kick things up a notch, have her take a sip of her drink every time she guesses wrong.

Truth or dare

For this bachelorette party game, plan together to write up a set of index cards with Truths, Dares, and Memories for the bride on them ahead of time, and tie six-inch multicolored silk ribbons to the corner of each card. While the rest of the group plays the game of Truth or Dare as usual, every time you get to the bride, whip out a card and pose her that challenge—when she completes it, she gets the ribbon, which she can redeem for a drink bought by one of her guests throughout the night.

Alternate version: Provide a plain bangle bracelet at the beginning of the night, and as she wins ribbons she can wrap them around the bracelet, creating a souvenir of the night.

Never have I ever...

It’s a classic for a reason, and especially good once your group is a few drinks deep. Each guest takes a turn saying something they’ve never done (e.g., “Never have I ever…had a one-night stand”) and anyone who has done that thing takes a sip of their drink. Don’t be afraid to get a bit out there!

Scavenger hunt

If you’re going out barhopping, come up with a list of items for the bride to find that range from the simple (matchbooks) to the slightly more challenging (a gentleman’s boxers). Make the list a photo hunt if you don’t want—just document your finds on your phones.

If you’re staying in for the night, hide party-store novelties like jewelry, bachelorette-theme candy, condoms, or even small vibrators around the house for your guests to find—just make sure to make a list of where you put everything so there are no surprises the next time you need the pull-out the couch!

Most likely to...

This works best for a group where all members know each other very well, so if your crew is close, get ready for some fun! In a modified version of Apples to Apples, create a set of cards with each guest’s name on one side, one for every person playing. Then, have the maid of honor call out a category, like "Most Likely To…kiss a groomsman at the wedding!" Each guest will throw in the name of the person they think is most likely to…and the person with the most votes gets to pick the next category. Have a list of "Most Likely Tos" prepared in advance, so guests without something in mind don’t get stumped!

Bridal bonanza

Get in on the white-dress fun with this crazy costumed game—wrap a small gift, like a necklace or a cocktail ring, and hide it inside as many different boxes and bags as you can put together, until you have a giant faux package.

Sit in a circle and put the gift in the center with a veil, necklace, gloves, ring, and any other bridal accessories you choose, then pass around a set of dice. When someone rolls doubles, they run into the center of the circle, put on the outfit, and try to unwrap the present before the next guest rolls doubles and runs in to put on the costume and try their luck!

Get crafty

If your bride has guests from different times in her life who might never have met, this fun project that will give you all time to chat and get to know each other. Buy a scrapbook with enough blank pages for everyone to fill one out with their first memories of the bride, their best marital advice, favorite recipes, and other fond reminisces, then surprise her by filling the rest of the pages with photos from her big night out!

Drink-or-dare dice

These are easy to buy, but just as easy to make yourself with some dice, blank labels, and a Sharpie. You’ll need two dice, one with "people" categories (such as "brunettes" "bridesmaids" "moms" and of course, "bride"!) and one with verbs (think along the lines of "drink" "dance" or "kiss") and roll them throughout the night while you’re out on the town. This bachelorette party game will get your guests mingling and bonding in different combinations, and some of them will get quite creative in their interpretations!

 Kate Winick is a contributing writer for iVillage. Follow her on Google+

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