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12 pairs of the best men's underwear for 2019

From antimicrobial fabric, superior fit and of course, comfort, we factored in all these elements and spoke to experts to find the best underwear for men.
/ Source: TODAY

Men, it's time for an underwear overhaul.

According to Jonathan Shokrian, the founder and CEO of underwear brand MeUndies, guys should be replacing their underwear every six to nine months. Even if that sounds a little extreme to you, the odds are pretty good that a least a few of your boxers, briefs or boxer briefs should be retired and replaced.

“I think a great pair of men's underwear starts with the inseam and making sure it doesn’t ride on you,” said Shokrian. “You also want some antimicrobial characteristics so that you can wear them throughout the day and they stay fresh.”

There are so many good options available for your top drawer now that if you’ve been holding onto the same pairs for a while, you might not even realize what you’re missing out on.

“It’s important to take both comfort and appearance into account when shopping for underwear,” said men’s style expert and founder of Style Girlfriend, Megan Collins. “As men’s clothing continues trending towards a slimmer, more form-fitted silhouette, guys now have to think about VPL (“visible panty line”), previously a scourge only women faced. Luckily, plenty of brands have made improvements to both material and cut that will change how you feel and look in your clothes.”

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best pairs of men’s underwear you can buy, with recommendations from Shokrian and Collins.

The best men's underwear to buy

  • 1. Calvin Klein Stretch Cotton Trunks 3-Pack, $23+, Amazon

Calvin Klein has become an underwear icon thanks to those famous advertisements and plenty of celebrity endorsements from the likes of Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber and more. These classic cotton trunks are affordable and a great way to bulk up your supply everyday essentials.

“For daytime, a pair of boxer briefs that are moisture-wicking and antimicrobial will be your best defense against sweat and odor,” says Collins. “Look for both on the label the next time you’re shopping for active or everyday underwear. At Style Girlfriend, we like the Silver style from Mack Weldon, made of naturally antimicrobial material, with a no-roll waistband and mesh zones for cool comfort.”

  • 3. Boxer Brief 3-Pack, $17 (usually $30), Old Navy

It’s hard to beat Old Navy if you’re looking to get a deal. We love the classic prints on these cotton boxer briefs — and the fact that they have more than 400 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 stars bodes well!

  • 4. Bonobos Boxer Briefs and Trunks, $34 or 3 pairs for $60, Bonobos

We love that the Bonobos underwear shopping experience is as close to custom as you can get without having to do much work. You can choose between more than a dozen colors and prints, then choose your size like you do with your pants — using your waist measurement, rather than just small, medium, large. Additionally, you then choose between two inseam lengths, trunk or boxer brief.

  • 5. Nike Pro Men’s Training Shorts, $22+, Amazon

For working out, Collins recommends these Nike compression shorts. “There’s nothing more empowering than pulling on workout gear the makes you feel like you're about to break a world record...even if what you're really about to do is pound out a lazy 5k on the treadmill while listening to a true crime podcast,” she says. “Motivate your own workout game with a pair of compression shorts. They wick sweat, of course, but it’s the anti-chafing properties that you won't get in your standard boxer briefs that really sets them apart.”

  • 7. Tommy John Cool Cotton Trunk, $39, Amazon

To say that Tommy John has a passionate fan base would be a bit of an understatement. These trunks have more than 1,100 reviews on the brand's site with an average rating of 4.5 stars. Happy customers have left comments ranging from “best underwear ever” to “most comfortable pair of underwear I own.”

“I recommend splitting your boxer briefs into daytime and nighttime styles,” Collins suggests. “Think of it this way: You don't wear your work clothes to bed, right? Consider it the same principle. While I cannot in good conscience bring myself to recommend boxers, which many guys love to wear to bed, trunks are a great compromise for fashion and function. MeUndies is the king of both podcast ads and micromodal fabric, which is super-soft and feels like slipping into a cloud, making them a great nighttime pick.”

If you're looking for an alternative, Shokrian, the CEO of the company, said the men's boxer brief is their best-selling design.“I think it’s a classic cut; it’s the modern day underwear that men are wearing more now," he added.

  • 9. Nordstrom Men’s Shop 3-Pack Classic Fit Boxers, $40, Nordstrom

For those guys who still love their boxers — or love to sleep in them — you can’t go wrong with this classic three-pack plaid offering from Nordstrom. These boxers have about 100 reviews from Nordstrom customers and an average rating of 4.5 stars.

  • 10. Always In Motion 5-Inch Boxer, $28, Lululemon

Designed for movement, Lululemon’s boxer briefs are made from soft, quick-drying modal and come in a range of bright colors as well as basic black and navy.

  • 11. Stretch Woven Boxer, $20, J.Crew

J.Crew recently gave their classic boxer shorts an upgrade. The fabric is now a moisture wicking stretch cotton, and they’re designed with a lightweight brushed waistband that’s nice and soft against your skin, with a traditional button fly. So if you’re a boxers guy, these are a great option.

  • 12. Airism Boxer Briefs, $10, Uniqlo

We love how comfortable and breathable Uniqlo's entire Airism collection is, and their boxer briefs use that same technology for the pieces that are closest to you. This pair is antimicrobial, anti-odor and deodorizing with a silky, smooth texture so you'll feel comfortable and fresh no matter what the day brings.

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