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11 Olympic nail art designs that deserve a gold medal

Every Olympian has to look and feel his or her best — right down to their fingernails.
/ Source: TODAY

Several workouts a day? Check.

A balanced breakfast, three katrillion glasses of water and a good night's sleep? Check, check and check.


Every Olympian has to look and feel his or her best, and that comes right down to, you guessed it, fingernails. After all, when did looking fabulous and being an all-star athlete have to be mutually exclusive?

We scoured social media to find the best-of-the-best patriotic nail art in the world right now. Because, yes, it's a veritable league of its own.

1. Simone Biles, USA, gymnast

Simone Biles Snapchat

Simone showed off her patriotic paws in a quick Snapchat to her fans.

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2. Helen Maroulis, USA, freestyle wrestler

Talk about showing your pride! Where can we get these designs painted on?

3. Elizabeth Beisel, USA, swimmer

We can't tell which is fiercer: the emotion on her face or the art on her nails.

4. Amber Jo Hill, Great Britain, sport shooter

She could rule Brittania with those digits.

5. Maria Benedicta Chigbolu, Italy, sprinter

The only problem with these? People might be more focused on her nails than her fast feet.

6. Missy Franklin, USA, swimmer

How fun are these?! Franklin went with flags, while her teammate Cierra Runge opted for bright fireworks.

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7. Allison Schmitt, USA, swimmer

Glammed up, indeed.

8. Dana Vollmer, USA, swimmer

We're huge fans of these "lucky white" and gold nails.

9. Kelly Massey, Great Britain, track and field

They should honestly give out medals for nails like these.

10. Laura Trott, Great Britain, cyclist

We just hope she's not distracted from the course with these awesome nails.

11. Gudi Stock, Germany, cyclist

These are nails all of us (no matter our nationality!) can appreciate.