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'1 second every day' video culminates in insanely cute proposal

Gavin Fogarty's making us all a little teary-eyed with this insanely cute proposal video-within-a-video.
/ Source: TODAY

Got your tissues? Got your waterproof mascara on?

Good. Get ready to happy-cry.

Gavin Fogarty's making us all a little teary-eyed with his insanely cute video-within-a-video proposal. In fact, we're so emotional, you'd think the guy proposed to us.

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Apparently, for eight months, the romantic young man secretly recorded one second of each day spent with his now-fiancee. He then spliced them together into a supercut of the happy couple's time together.

"1 second from every day of our lives since September. Just to show you how amazing life is through my eyes now that I have you... Even the 'boring' bits ;)," the contender for boyfriend-of-the-century wrote in the video's caption.

Of course, seeing as we're not Fogarty's actual girlfriend (...I guess), one second of each day of their lives may be enough to thrill even faraway viewers. But it was the video superimposed on the bottom right of the screen that had us weepy: A hidden camera capturing the real-time reaction of his girlfriend, who laughed and cried as she watched nearly a year of her life pass by on the screen in front of her.

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And then, of course, comes the best part. Just before the second-a-day clips arrive at the present day, there comes a scene that looks a bit different than the rest. It's Fogarty filming himself reaching into a drawer to pull out a ring, which he then pulls out in the real-time clip.

"Gavin Fogarty!" his beloved exclaims as he asks her to marry him. Whether she says "yes" or "no," well ... you'll just have to press play to find out.

But, like, DUH.