What we are most looking forward to after the
coronavirus pandemic

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to be distributed near and far and with a sense of normalcy on the horizon, TODAY asked viewers what they’re most looking forward to once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Many hope for the chance to hold loved ones. Others can’t wait to board a plane. But one theme is abundantly clear: We all long to be with the ones we care about — without any fear.

Here’s what some of you had to say: 

“Being able to hug my mom again in person and spend time with her... not at a window and not behind a glass partition. Be able to go to her room and spend a day with her in the nursing home. I pray it can happen before it’s not too late. She has Alzheimer’s.”

Barbara Welch

“Going to a group lunch with co-workers.
Seeing my favorite servers at a local happy hour!”

Kelly Ort

“Being able to teach my second-graders normally.
No mask and play to learn.”

Abby Chadd


Ken Costlow

“I desperately want to go to London. I want to take my son and see histories of hardships that were overcome while pictures were painted, cathedrals built and books written. Then sit in a pub and drink a beer that actually tastes good.”

Theresa Hartman

“Having a babysitter watch my kids so I can go on a date with my husband again!”

Ashley Codutti

“Wearing pants to meetings.”

Jack Spiegel

“Travel to exotic places. (Omaha is exotic, right?)”

Pamela Greer

“Not having to constantly be afraid my husband with cancer and chemotherapy will get COVID-19. He has only been to doctor appointments in the past year and it has so affected his mental well-being.”

Terri Stark

“I haven’t seen my granddaughters in a year. I used to enjoy adult game night. Now that my granddaughters are older, I’ll do games with them. “Shoots and Ladders” and  “Candyland,” here we come.”

Keith Lutz

“COMPANY! I need my friends like I need oxygen. I only wish
I could buy airline tickets for everyone. Here is my one promise:
By May 22, I will be smoking meat, chilling beer, mixing
cocktails and floating on the pool with my friends!”

Laura Lewis

“I can’t wait to see my 83-year-old mom. I have only been able to see her once since my father passed away in Jan. 2020. She had so much to adjust to and then COVID hit. Hugs are coming April 10th as we will both be fully vaccinated.”

Courtney Campbell-Reich

“As a frontline worker, I’m looking forward to putting these masks away to be able to see the smiles on my patients’ and coworkers’ and families’ faces.”

Mayde Sosa

“I am most looking forward to singing in my church choir.”

Jo Russell

“I haven’t hugged my granddaughter in a year. Next Tuesday, I will be two weeks since my second vaccine. I’m hoping no more sitting in the driveway or down the street.”

Cindy Goodyear

“Living again without fear.”

Marie Nadeau