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With daylight saving time and the changing of the seasons, you may be feeling in serious need of a break to relax and recharge. For March, Pop-up Shop TODAY is inviting you to find some much-needed rest just in time for National Sleep Awareness Week with soothing scents, cozy blankets, sleep masks and much more.
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Yogibo Max 6-Foot Bean Bag

Bean bag chairs are back, and they’re not just for kids anymore. According to the brand, this chair completely conforms to your body with zero pressure points – so we don’t blame you if you find yourself dozing off once you lie down. Sprawl out by yourself or huddle up with three others on this 6-foot long bean bag. It only weighs 19 pounds, which means you can drag it just about anywhere in the house when you’re looking to kick your feet up and relax.

Brooklinen AM to PM Scented Candle Set

This is the only night cap that won’t come from your bar cart. End your day with Brooklinen’s hand-poured candle boasting a “dreamy aroma of bourbon and blood orange." Or, for the early risers, treat yourself to "the essence of the morning ocean tide" for a tranquil start to the day. The Brooklyn-based brand crafts the candles out of soy wax and, depending on the size you choose, the candle can burn for up to 60 hours of calming bliss.

Nelsi Sunset Lamp

Sunsets often evoke feelings of peace, reflection or sometimes even accomplishment at another day done. So, when sunset lamps first came on our radar thanks to TikTok, we swooped them up. They can bathe any room in warm, mood-boosting lighting, mimicking the capitvating glow of a sunset. This version from Nellsi also claims to help with the way light exposure can affect our sleep pattern. So if you need help catching zzz’s, this lamp that simulates natural evening lighting might be worth incorporating into your wind-down routine.

Pillow Cube Ice Cube Cooling Pillow

Experts we spoke to say that choosing a pillow is not a one-size-fits-all type deal. For example, the way you sleep should be a strong consideration when choosing a pillow, like the Pillow Cube, which according to the brand, is designed specifically for side sleepers. Like other pillows, it is made from memory foam, the pillow conforms to your head and neck while you sleep. But what sets this pillow apart is you can choose the height based on the distance from your shoulder to your head. It comes in two options, the Classic and the Pro, which measure anywhere from 4-6 inches thick.

YnM Velvet Knitted Weighted Blanket

By now, you’ve likely heard of or know someone who owns a weighted blanket, if you don't yourself. And it makes sense why. Experts have shared that weighted blankets can help you relax, since they stimulate a feeling of pressure against the body similar to a comforting hug, and may help you fall asleep faster. This chic knit option is the updated version of Amazon's bestselling weighted blanket comes in 10, 15 or 25 pounds. (The blanket that you choose should be no more than 10 percent of your body weight.) With the soft, velvet texture, you'll look forward to getting into bed.

J Jimoo Silk Pillow Case

Good hair days start after good hair nights. And silk pillowcases may be the answer behind ensuring every day is a good hair day. Silk pillowcases have long been hailed by beauty enthusiasts for their ability to protect your hair while you sleep, therefore reducing the amount of frizz and breakage your hair experiences throughout the night. The fabric itself is less absorbent than cotton, so it also can help your hair to retain moisture while you sleep.

Topoint Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask

If you rely on white noise, music or soothing sounds help you fall asleep, you’ve probably attempted (unsuccessfully) at some point to wear headphones to bed. Rather than attempting to stuff in earbuds as you drift, this mask can provide the same sleep-inducing sound without the cumbersome headphones. According to the brand, the mask – with also blocks out light – can give more than 9 hours of playback on just a 2.5-hour charge. Plus, the liner is washable, so you can keep it clean night in and night out.

The Good Patch Nite Nite Patch

When you think of sleep aids, melatonin probably comes to mind. The Good Patch’s Nite Nite patch is packed with 3 milligrams of melatonin, 15 milligrams of hemp extract and black pepper extract, which the brand says can helps you to both fall and stay asleep. You can put it on around 20 minutes before you head to bed on the inside of your wrist or on any other venous area, the brand says. If you really want some solid shut eye, the brand says you can wear it for up to 12 hours. Shoppers have given the patches a five-star rating, writing that they actually work.

Canopy Humidifier

Just as the temperature of your bedroom can affect the quality of your sleep, so can the humidity levels. If you find yourself waking up with dry skin, lips, note or throad, using a humidifier can help since it adds moisture to the air. One dermatologist we spoke to loves this humidifier from Canopy, because it is small enough to fit on your nightstand and features special technology that helps prevent allergy-triggering particles from spreading in the air. As you incorporate a humidifier into your nighttime routine, check the humidity level. It is recommended to stay around 40 - 60 percent.

Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

If diffusers and room sprays aren’t your thing, these shower steamers are a great aromatherapy alternative. All you have to do is place them in the corner of the shower where a light stream can hit the pod and then let the steam do the work. The brand also includes an e-book to help guide you on which essential oil works best for each kind of mood. One tablet lasts anywhere between 5-10 minutes, according to the brand, which gives you enough time to enjoy an at-home spa experience right before bed.

Herbivore Moon Fruit Mask

We’re all here for a multi-tasking product, and it doesn’t get more convenient than one that works while you sleep. This anti-aging mask is powered by bakuchiol, which is a natural alternative to retinol. One board-certified dermatologist we spoke to said the ingredient can help reduce the appearance of static wrinkles, which are often found around the corner of the mouth and along the neck. The vegan mask also helps to lock in moisture thanks to another standout ingredient: sodium hyaluronate, a salt form of hyaluronic acid. Apply the mask at night as the last step in your routine and rinse it off in the morning. Simple as that.

thisworks deep sleep body cocoon

Thisworks is known for its popular sleep spray, but the brand’s body lotion is also worthy of a spot in your nighttime routine. According to the brand, it’s made from a blend of butters and oils that promote hydration and a healthy skin barrier, while scents such as lavender and chamomile in the formula just might make you want to doze off as soon as you apply it. Reviewers have mentioned that a little bit of the formula goes a long way. Among the Amazon shoppers who have given it a five-star review, several have mentioned that they love how quickly it absorbs into the skin. The lotion can also be used as a hand cream to soothe dry skin.

Living Proof Perfect hair Day Nightcap Overnight Perfector

We’ve all woken up with terrible bed head at one point or another. This hair mask works to help make your morning mane a bit more manageable. The lightweight formula works to make your hair more vibrant and shiny, practically overnight. The solution can be applied from your roots to the ends before you lay down, and you can leave it in or choose to rinse it out in the morning; either way, the brand says the smoothing effects will last for up to five shampoos. If you have colored hair, don’t worry – it’s formulated without silicones, sulfates, parabens and other ingredients that can make color-treated strands dull.

Barefoot Dreams Women's CozyChic Heathered Lounger Robe

Barefoot Dreams is loved by celebs and editors alike, usually for their blankets. But this robe channels the same cozy vibes, and if we could, we’d spend all day in this lounger. It’s made from a soft polyester and drapes all the way down to your ankles, so you can easily curl up and wrap yourself in the warm fabric. According to the brand, one-size-fits-two, so finding the perfect oversized fit shouldn't be a struggle. Plus, it has pocket and a hood, what more could you ask of a robe?

Bombas Women’s Gripper Slippers

If you find yourself in the dilemma of "slippers or socks," Bombas has your answer love — the Gripper Slippers. It’s the kind of slipper-sock hybrid that you’ll want to wear just about everywhere, from your own home to a hotel. The inside of the slipper is brushed, so it feels like you’re wearing a blanket on your feet, the brand says, while the outer sole has non-slip grippers designed to keep you from sliding on your floors. They come in 10 different designs, including color-blocked and checkered patterns, and in three different sizes.

Stars Above Top and Shorts Pajama Set

We all want to dress to impress – and that doesn't stop at bedtime. This matching pajama set is breathable thanks to the modal-spandex blend, affordable, but most importantly, it's stylish with a contrasting hemline and front pocket. It has a near-perfect overall rating from reviewers and since it includes a short-sleeve top and sleep shorts, it feels perfect for the transition into the warmer months. We can already envision ourselves spending lazy weekends in this set.