US bobsledder breaks through bathroom door in Sochi hotel

Johnny Quinn of the U.S. bobsleigh team and a picture he tweeted of a busted bathroom door
Johnny Quinn of the U.S. bobsleigh team and a picture he tweeted of a busted bathroom door.Today

A member of the U.S. bobsledding team didn’t let a little thing like a jammed bathroom door stop him from getting out.

Instead, Olympian Johnny Quinn broke right through the door.

His tweet about the Saturday morning incident, along with a picture of a door that had been broken through, lit up the Internet with almost 7,000 retweets. He also included the hashtag #SochiJailBreak.



“Russians have done a great job with the venue, unfortunately though, I got locked in this morning,” Quinn told TODAY’s Lester Holt. “It could’ve happened to anyone.”

Maybe. But few would think of just breaking through the door. Holt compared the stunt to Conan the Barbarian.

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Quinn told that he started out just banging on the door, in an attempt to alert his teammates. It didn’t work.

"I started hitting it, and eventually saw daylight so I kept going until I could get out," Quinn said. And while his fellow teammates heard the ruckus, they didn’t think much of it.

"We were next door and we could hear some pounding and muffled noises, but we thought it was construction," said teammate Dallas Robinson.

It was Nick Cunningham who found Quinn, and after going to look for him he realized his teammate had left an hour earlier to take a quick shower.

“[Johnny] was literally in his towel and he had this stunned look on his face. I saw the door and it was like, really in the shape of a person who just ran through the door," Cunningham said.

Quinn was quick to point out he’s not considering the incident among the #Sochiproblems. “A door jam like this can happen anywhere,” he said.