'Too much swagger?' Matt, Al try Norwegian curling team's Olympic outfits

Matt Lauer and Al Roker look the part of Olympians (with the aid of the Norwegian curling team)

Matt Lauer and Al Roker have donned some impressive suits for the sake of Team TODAY, from spandex to sparkles to swimsuits. Now, they can add some swagger to that list.

In the lead-up to their adventure trying out the double luge again on Friday, the two anchors sought advice on looking the part of an Olympian.

"We want to find that elusive Olympic swagger," Matt said. 


So they turned to the ultimate Olympic style specialists: The Norwegian curling team.

Watch the video: Matt and Al dress like Olympians

“If anybody’s got swagger with their costumes, it’s you guys,” Al told team members. “Your uniform — what’s with the colors?”

Matt and Al with members of the Norwegian curling team

Those bold, funky red, white and blue zigzag-patterned suits stick out in a crowd, which is the whole point of the flamboyance, team members told Al and Matt said.

“You need to look crazy colorful. That’s the only way to do it,” one member said.

So Matt and Al gave the look a try, and found it immediately put a bounce in their step.


"What do you think, too much swagger?" Matt asked.

The two brought back gifts for the rest of the TODAY anchors, who appeared less than thrilled with their new blazers. 

“People’s eyes will bleed,” Al said of the vision.