'We're still alive!': Matt and Al take on the luge in Sochi

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By Matt Murray

Apparently Matt and Al didn't get enough of the luge when they tried it out in the 2006 Winter Games in Torino, because they came back for more in Sochi.

As if the first go-round wasn't pretty enough, they went all-out again, leaving nothing to the imagination in their spandex uniforms. 


The difference this time around — Matt got to ride on top, the position on the luge he believed he should have had the first time around. 


"You're not going to be cold because I'm going to be nice and warm on top of you," Matt said.

"That warms the cockles of my heart," Al responded. 

Enough of the mushy stuff. It was go-time. 


The two cruised down the course with little drama, safely making it to the bottom.


"I think that went well, we're still alive!" Roker said.

Al Roker and Matt Lauer hug it out after a close call on the luge run.Today

"Roker, come here, give me a hug," Matt replied.  

After a successful first run, Matt and Al opted to go for round two. Big mistake.

"The run felt off from the start — like we were going down the track at a different angle than we should have been," Matt explained.

The two careened down the track, veering back and forth and hitting the walls on either side. But it was when their luge came to a stop as it approached an incline that things got really dicey — it began to slide backwards.

It looked scary enough a viewer's perspective, but Matt said the fear was only amplified as they actually experienced it. 

"It felt like 300 m.p.h. and it felt like it lasted for a week," Matt said.

The two admitted they'll be on the lookout for a less intense sport the next time around.