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Dance-off! Lolo Jones captures Vine of bobsled team boogie

Lolo Jones via Vine
Lolo Jones via Vine

It looks like the competition in Sochi isn't too stiff.

The Olympic bobsledding events don't kick off until Sunday, but the teams are already engaging in a little friendly competition. When Lolo Jones caught her teammate Jazmine Fenlator having a dance-off with a member of the Jamaican bobsled team, she quickly captured the moment on camera, and shared it on Vine.

No word yet on whether the dance-off winner will go up against luger Kate Hansen and her Beyoncé-approved dance moves.

The women of Team USA bobsledding: Elana Meyers, Lolo Jones, Aja Evans, Lauryn Williams, Jamie Greubel and Jazmine Fenlator at the TODAY set on Feb. 3.Scott Halleran / Today

While the (dancing) competition looks fierce, Team USA is feeling confident they'll be ready to handle the pressure that comes on race day. 

“Some people are motivated by it, and some of them kind of don’t like those expectations, so they try to position themselves to be in the underdog positions,” Jones told TODAY’s Matt Lauer earlier this week. “I think we’re all ready to handle whatever comes our way.”