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Bath house, bike rides and the Black Sea: TODAY's week in 7 tweets 

Let the games begin! Natalie, Savannah, Al and Jenna caught up with the rest of the TODAY team in Sochi this week for the 2014 Winter Olympics. There were more than a few memorable moments, including Matt and Al reuniting to spend the day together at a Russian bath house. Take a look:



Natalie got her feet wet in Sochi culture by taking a dip in the Black Sea.



Willie was riding in style with Dutch speed skater Annouk van der Weijden on a casual bike ride around Olympic Park. 



Matt was doing double duty this week filling in for Bob Costas, who came down with an eye infection. 



Jenna got lucky in the Orange Room, dancing with a member of the Russian police choir. 



Natalie and Savannah learned how to cheer (Sochi style) with some help from the speed skating orchestra! 



It wouldn't be TODAY without our awesome fans! Al even found his "sweater twin" in the crowd.