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Where are ‘Back to the Future’ stars today?

It’s been 25 years since “Back to the Future” broke box-office records as well as the time barrier. Catch up with where the film’s stars are today.


Where are 'Back to the Future' stars now?

How time flies: "Back to the Future," about the time-traveling adventures of all-American high schooler Marty McFly and his eccentric scientist friend, broke box-office records as well as the time barrier 25 years ago, and spawned two sequels. Catch up with where the film's stars are today. On left, Michael J. Fox as Marty, a role that catapulted the then-star of TV's "Family Ties" to full-fledged movie idol. On right, Fox today with co-star Christopher Lloyd. Fox, who started exhibiting symptoms of early-onset Parkinson's disease in 1990, has become a prominent advocate for stem-cell research.

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Lea Thompson

Lea Thompson played Marty McFly's mom (left) in all three "Back to the Future" films before going on to such projects as the '90s sitcom "Caroline in the City." On right, she attends a benefit the John Wayne Cancer Institute on Sept. 25, 2010, in Santa Monica, Calif.

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Christopher Lloyd

Perhaps best known for playing spaced-out Reverend Jim Ignatowski in the long-running sitcom "Taxi," Christopher Lloyd also portrayed "Doc" Emmett Brown in all three "Back to the Future" films. Later in his career he did many stage roles, including Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol" in 2008 and Willy Loman in "Death of a Salesman" in 2010. On left, Lloyd plays the frenzied Doc; on right, he attends a party at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles in November 2009.

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Thomas F. Wilson

Also known as Tom Wilson, the actor and comedian played bullying Biff Tannen, the nemesis of Marty McFly's dad, as well as Biff's grandson and great-grandfather, in the "Back to the Future" trilogy. He went on to the cult sitcom "Freaks and Geeks" and many voiceover roles. Wilson is also an accomplished painter and performs stand-up comedy; on right he performs at a club in June 2008.

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Crispin Glover

Known for edgy performances in edgy roles, Crispin Glover played Marty McFly's father, George McFly, in the "Back to the Future" films (left). His later films include "Hot Tub Time Machine" (2010), but he has also recorded eccentric music albums, published experimental books, and directed several films.

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Claudia Wells

Malaysia-born American actress Claudia Wells played Marty McFly's girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, in "Back to the Future" (top), but due to her mother's illness, she was not available for the two sequels, which were filmed simultaneously. Since 1991, Wells has been selling men's apparel at a Los Angeles store called Armani Wells. On bottom, she attends the 25th anniversary screening of "Back to the Future" in Chicago in February 2010.

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Elisabeth Shue

Best-known for her performance as a tragic prostitute in "Leaving Las Vegas" (1995), for which she was nominated for both a Best Actress Oscar and a Golden Globe, Elisabeth Shue replaced Claudia Wells as Marty McFly's girlfriend Jennifer Parker in both "Back to the Future Part II" (1989) and "Back to the Future Part III" (1990). Shown on bottom in August 2010, she went on to such films as "Deconstructing Harry" (1997), "Hamlet 2" (2008) and "Don McKay" (2010). Actor Andrew Shue is her brother.

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James Tolkan

Bald character actor James Tolkan is known for his many performances as tough authority figures, including strict Hill Valley High School principal Gerald Strickland in "Back to the Future" and "Back to the Future Part II" (he played Strickland's grandfather in Part III). He has also had many TV roles, including as a cast member of "A Nero Wolfe Mystery" in 2001-02.

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Casey Siemaszko

Character actor Casey Siemaszko played 3-D, a member of Biff's gang who sported 3-D glasses, in all the "Back to the Future" movies. His other work includes roles in Rob Reiner's "Stand By Me" (1986), "Biloxi Blues" (1989), "Of Mice and Men" (1992), and the TV drama "Damages." At bottom he attends a New York City theater premiere in July 2007.

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Billy Zane

Another member of Biff's gang in the first two "Back to the Future" films was Match, named for the matchsticks he constantly chewed (top, far left). He was played by Billy Zane, whose other performances include the title role of "The Phantom" (1996) and as Kate Winslet's wealthy fiance in "Titanic" (1997). Shown at bottom at the Grammy Awards, he has also produced and directed.

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Mary Steenburgen

In "Back to the Future Part III," Mary Steenburgen played Clara Clayton (top), who becomes a love interest for Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd) when Doc is trapped in the year 1885. The actress's many other credits include a Best Supporting Actress nomination for "Melvin and Howard" (1980), a Satellite Award for the 2003-2005 TV series "Joan of Arcadia," and the 2009 comedy "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" She has been married to actor Ted Danson since 1995.

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Elijah Wood

Actor Elijah Wood made his film debut in "Back to the Future Part II" as "Video Game Boy" (top left). It was a minor role, but Wood went on to much bigger ones, including "The Ice Storm" (1993), the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy (1999-2003) and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004).

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Robert Zemeckis

Director of all three "Back to the Future" films, Robert Zemeckis is shown at work on the first one with Michael J. Fox at top. His other films include 1988's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," 1994's "Forrest Gump" (for which he won a Best Director Oscar) and 2004's "The Polar Express." At bottom he is shown attending the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in April 2010.

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