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Savory candy corn creations

Recipes for quesadillas, pizza and more dishes that look like candy corn


Candy corn chicken quesadilla

Even if you hate candy corn, you've gotta love these 7 savory dishes modeled on the Halloween candy.

Head south of the border with Toni Dash's candy corn chicken quesadillas. She mixes roasted chicken, sour cream, salsa and other savory ingredients (relax – none of the ingredients are actual candy corn), then layers the mixture on tortillas cut into triangles. The candy corn look is achieved by layering white, yellow and orange cheese on the top tortilla. Melt the cheese in the oven and what you have is a full-size candy corn quesadilla that looks like dessert but tastes like a fiesta.

Toni Dash

Candy corn stuffed squash

Candy corn that isn't only delicious but is also actually good for you? It might sounds like fantasy, but oh, it's reality. Lori from Guava Rose has developed a vegan, nutrient-rich stuffed squash that looks like candy corn. Baked delicata squash is filled with orange butternut squash mash and topped off with a savory cauliflower puree. With a main course this healthy, you can feel free to OD on the sweet stuff for dessert!


Candy corn veggie tart

With enough time and creativity, anything is possible. Well, it is when you're Katherine Baker. Her candy corn vegetable tart is nothing less than gourmet. Handmade cornmeal crust, a curry inflected roasted pepper sauce, and a sweet potato, Vidalia onion and feta topping. This might be inspired by candy corn, but it's refined enough to serve to company.

Katherine Baker

Candy corn breakfast

Starting the day off with candy corn might seem like a bad idea, but not if you take Linda Arceo's approach. Starting from the bottom of the plate, she lines up scrambled eggs, orange segments, and bananas topped with yogurt – bada boom, a candy corn inspired breakfast! Mix it up with your favorite add-ins (cheese, jalapenos, sausage) to your scrambled eggs, using clementines instead of oranges, and trying lychees instead of bananas. With all of these possibilities, you could have candy corn for breakfast every day for a week!

Linda Arceo

Candy corn crêpes

Sandra Denneler might not consider herself an artist, but when you see her incredible candy corn crêpes, you are likely to disagree. Denneler uses food coloring and squeeze bottles to turn regular crêpe batter into this candy corn creation that can be stuffed with any filling you like – try ham and Gruyere cheese, scrambled eggs with thyme and spinach or leftover roasted chicken with roasted tomatoes.

Sandra Denneler

Candy corn pizza

There's nothing easier than making pizza with store-bought dough, sauce and pre-shredded cheese. Kicking it up a notch requires nothing more than a little artistry. Jill Parkin uses concentric circles of colored cheese on her candy corn pizza to create an homage that is part Italian dinner, part American tradition, and entirely delicious.

Jill Parkin

Candy corn cheese triangles

Beth Jackson Klosterboer's candy corn cheese triangles are equal parts treat and trick: Klosterboer takes Laughing Cow wedges and painstakingly paints them with food coloring to create stunningly realistic looking candy. Just don't be surprised if this is one treat that all the parents steal from their kids.

Beth Jackson Klosterboer