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Image: 27 DRESSES, Katherine Heigl, 2008. TM &©20th Century Fox. All rights reserved/courtesy Everett Colle


The most memorable bridesmaid dresses

Underneath the layers of ruffles, sparkle and tulle stand beautiful women whose support for their on-screen brides far surpasses their self-awareness. Here's a round up of the best (read: worst) bridesmaid dresses in Blockbuster history.

Image: SIXTEEN CANDLES, Michael Schoeffling, Molly Ringwald, 1984, © Universal / Courtesy: Everett Collecti

Memorable bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids are known to draw the short straw when it comes to wedding day attire, and some of the worst offenders come from the big screen. From puffy sleeves to giant bows, here are the most memorable bridesmaid dresses in pop culture.

'Sixteen Candles'
Molly Ringwald is adorably awkward as Sam Baker in the seminal coming-of-age story "Sixteen Candles." Sam's family may have forgotten her birthday, but that iconic lavender dress and floral headpiece are definitely engrained in memory.

CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC, Isla Fisher, 2009. ©Walt Disney Co./courtesy Everett Collection

'Confessions of a Shopaholic'

Isla Fisher stars as Rebecca Bloomwood, a journalist with a serious shopping addiction, in the 2009 movie version of "Confessions of a Shopaholic." In the film, Rebecca accidentally donates her tropical pink bridesmaid dress, and we can't say that we blame her!

Walt Disney Pictures

'My Best Friend's Weddings'

Playing Julianne Potter, the envious best friend in "My Best Friend's Wedding," Julia Roberts' purple satin number isn't enough to put her in our ranks. It's the identical twin debutantes that take the cake. The two southern belles walked down the aisle in matching floral dresses with giant bows and billowing hemlines.

Ronald Grant
Image: MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, Gia Carides, 2002, (c) IFC Films/courtesy Everett Collection

'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'

Gia Carides, the boisterous cousin in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," flaunts her fashion in the popular 2002 movie.

Ifc Films
Image: CLUELESS, Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, 1995, (c) Paramount/courtesy Everett Col


Alicia Silverstone's character Cher may have had an enviable wardrobe in the '90s, but her bridal fashion sense seems a bit clueless today.

Paramount Pictures
BRIDESMAIDS, from left: Rose Byrne (obscured), Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Ellie Kemper, 2011. ph: Suzanne Hanover/©Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection


We won't discuss the madness that ensued during the search for the perfect dress in the 2011 blockbuster "Bridesmaids," only that in the end, Rose Byrne's chic character won the bridesmaid battle with her pleated, purple Fritz Bernaise.

Universal Pictures
Image: MAMMA MIA!, Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McDowall, Ashley Lilley, 2008. ©Universal/courtesy

'Mamma Mia!'

As much as we'd hoped Amanda Seyfried's bridal party would sing their way down the aisle in the moon suits from "Super Trouper," her bridesmaids' actual dresses were far less psychadelic and much more frumpy.

Universal Pictures
Image: A VERY BRADY SEQUEL, Jennifer Elise Cox, Christine Taylor, Olivia Hack, Henriette Mantel, Shelley Lo

'A Very Brady Sequel'

When it comes to fashion, it's clear that the '70s deserve a little mercy. But we can't help but think the three Brady sisters look like creamsicles in their peach-colored frocks, which are accessorized with flowers, bows and puffy sleeves. Don't even get us started on the groomsmen...

Paramount Pictures
Image: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY..., Billy Crystal, Bruno Kirby, Carrie Fisher, Meg Ryan, 1989, (c) Columbia/cou

'When Harry Met Sally'

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan play friends who find themselves falling endlessly in love with one another, despite their constant bickering. But amidst their ups and downs, Sally forgives Harry for being pig-headed and Harry forgives Sally for wearing this dark velour dress with high-volume sleeves and long white gloves.

Columbia Pictures
Image: A WEDDING, Amy Stryker (seated), standing: Mia Farrow (left), Marta Heflin (second from left), Peggy

'A Wedding'

What could be worse than baby a pink dress with turtleneck cape and ruffled bonnet? Six of them in a row! Mia Farrow, playing bridesmaid Buffy Brenner, certainly doesn't look too happy about it in this scene from the 1978 comedy "A Wedding."

20Th Century Fox
27 DRESSES, Katherine Heigl, 2008. TM &©20th Century Fox. All rights reserved/courtesy Everett Collection

'27 Dresses'

Katherine Heigl knows bad bridesmaid dresses better than anyone else. Heigl stars as Jane, the always-the-bridesmaid-never-the-bride character, in the film "27 Dresses." From costume ball gowns with lace and bows to black punk dresses with spikes and fishnet, she's worn it all.

20Th Century Fox
Image: SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, 2008.

'Sex and the City'

It isn't all bad news for bridesmaids in show biz. In the film "Sex and the City," Carrie, a fashionable writer, honors her best friends with sophisticated, fashionable gowns.

New Line Cinema