Inspired by other mothers, Sioin Queenie Liao began photographing her son in creative surroundings while he slept.


My bunny friend

Sioin Queenie Liao began photographing her son, Wengenn, napping in whimsical sets within their California home shortly after he was born. Three years later, she's still snapping away. Here, Wengenn gets some sleep next to a giant bunny.

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Magical sail ride

Wengenn flies through the sky on a sail boat with wings.

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A priceless gem

That's a prize worth getting! Wengenn cozies up with stuffed animals in a mock-claw machine.

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Soaring high in the sky

When Wengenn was a young baby, Liao would simply move him around to get the perfect pose. "I was lucky," she said. "Once he fell asleep, I would move him around. I know not all kids are like this." In this image, Wengenn sleeps holding hands with a giant bear.

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The valiant cowboy

Wengenn transports to the desert with a lasso in hand.

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The pyramid adventure

Liao typically takes half a day to set up each image and shoot the photographs. "It's a bit exhausting," she said. Wengenn sits on a camel while riding near purple pyramids.

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A daring circus act

That's multi-tasking! Wengenn balances on a ball with an apple on his head in his sleep.

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The mighty king of spades

Wengenn gets some shut eye while dressed in a crown and robe.

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A romantic dinner

Wengenn often gets ideas for photographs while reading her children bedtime stories. "Anything around you can be an inspiration," she said. Here, Wengenn sits down to a romatnic dinner with a stuffed bear.

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