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Epiphany - 2014-03-23_240560_sense-of-place.jpg

Sheinelle Jones

Hot shots! Travel photo contest gets some stunning entries

You'll want to buy a plane ticket the second you check out these gorgeous entries into the 2014 National Geographic Traveler photo contest.

Typical red rorbu huts Reine - Lofoten - 2014-03-19_240084_sense-of-place.jpg

2014 National Geographic Traveler photo contest

These amazing entries from around the globe from the 26th annual National Geographic Traveler photo contest will inspire you to take a trip, camera in hand! You can submit your own, too.

Typical red rorbu huts with sod roofs in the town of Reine on Lofoten, Norway.

David Sausse /
Forest lights - 2014-03-23_240517_sense-of-place.jpg

Aurora Borealis over the forest of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park in Finland.

Nicholas Roemmelt /
Duomo of Milan from Novecento Modern Art Museum - 2014-03-21_240382_sense-of-place.jpg

Patrons of Milan's Novecento Modern Art Museum admire the city's Gothic cathedral. The photo was taken with an iPhone.

Kathryn Schipper /
LightSource - 2014-03-22_240446_sense-of-place.jpg

A young monk finds perfect light for reading his book inside of his pagoda in Old Bagan, Burma.

Marcelo Castro /
Winter Cave - 2014-03-22_240448_sense-of-place.jpg

A local ice guide arrives at a remote ice cave in Southeast Iceland.

Marcelo Castro /
Mirrow Wave - 2014-03-23_240512_sense-of-place.jpg

The Wave (a sandstone rock formation) after a heavy thunderstorm with a small pond reflecting a perfect mirror of a hiker near the Arizona-Utah border.

Nicholas Roemmelt /
Iceberg Gallery - 2014-03-19_240118_outdoor-scenes.jpg

Passed down through the Jökulsárlón lagoon through an outlet of the Vatnajökull Glacier, icebergs enter the North Atlantic. Shaped and polished by the ocean, the tide leaves a magnificent gallery of huge iceberg sculptures on the volcanic black beaches of Iceland. Photographed here at sunset, just after a rain storm. For scale, this iceberg is about the size of a Jeep.

Sam Morris /
Epiphany - 2014-03-23_240560_sense-of-place.jpg

"One of my dreams was to shoot the night sky when I went on holiday to New Zealand this February," Sebastian Warneke explained. "I decided to drive to the famous little church in Tekapo and took some shots of the night sky before the moon rose."

Sebastian Warneke /
Explosion - 2014-03-25_240708_outdoor-scenes.jpg

"Japanese feel the coming of spring, I feel, by plum blossoms," says Hideyuki Katagiri of this plum grove he photographed.

Hideyuki Katagiri /
Peek a Boo - 2014-03-20_240310_outdoor-scenes.jpg

According to Graham McGeorge, photographing wildlife in Florida is never the easiest task. This owl's nest appeared empty at first, but after a few minutes, it became clear someone was home.

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Graham Mcgeorge /