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Pop Culture

Hole wide world: Potholes become elaborate photo scenes

Photographers Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca gather friends and family to model in this unique photo series that puts a humorous spin on an everyday municipal frustration: potholes.

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Hole wide world

Husband and wife duo Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca began their "Potholes" project in 2009 after driving over an unkempt road in their hometown of Montreal. The two continued to photograph potholes in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, providing a creative perspective to a frustrating everyday problem.

Alice in Wonderland
This image, of Alice chasing the White Rabbit down to Wonderland, is Davide's personal favorite.

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Baptism at Chemin de la Foret

A priest performs a baptism with leftover rain water outside of the Chemin de la Foret Cemetery in Montreal.

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Baywatch on Almafi Dr.

A Pamela Anderson look-alike rushes to the rescue as someone "drowns" in a Los Angeles pothole. (Maybe we should introduce Davide and Claudia to Matt Lauer and have him bust out his red swimsuit.)

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Beer & BBQ on Rue Waverly

It's a block party for two on Montreal's Rue Waverly! And what better way to keep your beers chilled than in a cooler built right into the ground?

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Bubble Bath on Rue de St-Firmin

Splish splash: A little boy playfully prepares for his bubble bath at an intersection in Montreal.

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Spaghetti & Meatballs on Greenwich Street

A man enjoys his meal as he dines streetside in Manhattan. (He better make it to go before that taxi gets any closer.)

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Diver on Ave. Musset

A swimmer gets ready to take the plunge in a questionably shallow pool in Montreal.

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Dog Wash on Alfred Street

Pooches in puddles: Pets and their owners line up for a makeshift dog wash in Los Angeles.

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Champagne on Tecumseh Street

Three women enjoy bottles of champagne on ice and fresh strawberries in Toronto.

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Doughnuts on Rue Belanger

Get 'em while they're hot! A baker gives his fresh treats the finishing touch with a shake of powdered sugar on Rue Belanger in Montreal.

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Gardener on Cote du Vesinet

A woman tends to her flower garden on a warm day in Montreal. This definitely gives us a new perspective on urban agriculture.

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Pedicare on Rue Queen

DIY nail salon: Two women pamper each other with pedicures.

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Fisherman on Henri-Julien

A fisherman reels in his catch of the day at a secluded water hole in Montreal. Something seems fishy here....

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Scuba Diver on Ave. Beaconsfield

A man surveys his pothole as he prepares to go scuba diving. Maybe it's deeper than it looks?

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Laundry on Rue Saint-Urbain

A woman looks up from doing her laundry on Rue Saint-Urbain in Montreal.

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Walk of Fame on New Hampshire

Almost famous: A pseudo-celebrity makes his mark on New Hampshire Avenue in Los Angeles.

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Winemaking on Rue Saint-Zotique

I wonder if grape-stomping in potholes gives wine a more gritty, natural flavor?

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Santa Claus on Tremaine Street

Santa Claus is coming to town! The jolly old man dips his gingerbread cookies in a pothole of milk.

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