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10 ways to transform your walls without paint

See how creative bloggers used washi tape, paint pens, contact paper and other materials to turn bland walls into trendy focal points.


10 ways to transform your walls without paint

There is only so much that can be done with a can of paint and empty walls. See how clever D-I-Y bloggers used contact paper, washi tape, paint pens and other materials to turn boring walls into fun focal points.

It's always a party when a wall is covered in cascading confetti. Megan Duesterhaus from the blog "The Homes I Have Made" completed this decorating project in just one hour with metallic gold contact paper cut into two-inch circles. Find the instructions for the decal project at "The Homes I Have Made."

Sharpie wallpaper

Forget everything your mother ever told you and start drawing on those walls. The blogger behind "The Girl on the Go" freestyled this unique pattern on her hallway walls with a gold paint pen. Check out the project at "The Girl on the Go."


Photo wall

For a low cost alternative to popular photo wallpaper, head to your local copy shop to turn your black-and-white photo collages into large engineering prints. Then use a clear glue stick to adhere them to the wall and enjoy being surrounded by your favorite moments.

Find further instructions for creating a photo wall at "Dirt Stains and Paint."

Ombre 3D wall

Wood, color, ombre, dimension, chevron — this wall treatment has it all. "Vintage Revivals" created this fun focal wall with carefully cut wood and even more imagination.

Get the instructions for the 3D wall at "Vintage Revivals."

Sharpie stencils

Showcase that artsy side like bloggers Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman did on their site "A Beautiful Mess." The sisters showed how to use horse stencils and a white Sharpie for a permanent chalkboard-style treatment.

Find out how to re-create their wall at "A Beautiful Mess."

Diamond daze

Amp up a plain white wall with a delicate traingle stencil made with a reliable ruler and a metallic gold paint pen. Find the instructions at "Vintage Revivals."

Handwriting wall

The writing is literally on the wall with this idea from "A Beautiful Mess." Write out a repeating message, such as your favorite quote or a message of love, with a paint marker to create a uniquely personal design statement. Get the instructions at "A Beautiful Mess."

Washi tape dots

Turn washi tape into colorful polka dots, as seen on the blog "Fellow, Fellow." Stick strips of the tape on non-stick baking paper, then trace and cut out a pattern to create easy, removable wall stickers. Find out how to make your own washi tape wall at "Fellow, Fellow."

Gold triangles

A cutting board, an X-acto knife, some metallic gold contact paper, and an hour is all that was needed for Joanna Lynne Smith of "Blue Cactus Styling" to create a chic and trendy wall display.

Honeycomb hexagon wall

Decorative molding gets a modern twist when arranged to form a honeycomb pattern in this wall project from "Vintage Revivals." Paint the inside of some of the hexagons to add pops of color and highlight the geometric design.

Find out how to make your own honeycomb hexagon wall at "Vintage Revivals."