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13 swimming pools you have to see to believe

From infinity pools perched hillside to pools hovering above the ground, check out these striking swimming holes that would be a welcome retreat to the rising temperatures outside.


The rain in Spain

From a downtown Dallas pool hovering above the city to a red-colored pool in Thailand, check out these 13 lustworthy pools that would be a welcome retreat to the rising temperatures outside.

This Madrid home, designed by Ensamble Studio, features not one but two pools. While a rectangular model can be found on the ground floor, our eyes are on the lap pool hovering above.

Take in the view

This pool is best for those not afraid of heights. Dip in this Austin, Texas home's above-ground pool, designed by Jay Hargrave Architecture, and soak in the scenic surroundings.

Naturally beautiful

This infinity pool in the United Kingdom is considered "natural," meaning that it is chlorine-free and uses a bio-filtration system to provide clean and clear water. This pool’s eco-friendly approach and breathtaking natural surroundings make it a sure winner.

Clear as day

Alongisde this contemporary home in Singapore is a refreshing pool that wraps around two sides of the home. Constructed with clear walls, this dreamy pool is total eye candy.

Patrick Bingham Hall

Strumming poolside

For the musician at heart, Canada's Aqua-Tech created this electric guitar pool, complete with pickups and strings (which are actually painted lines on the pool floor).

Natural surroundings

Situated next to a pond with scenic surroundings, this peaceful Pennsylvania oasis seems like it was taken right out of a painting.

Chasing waterfalls

With four waterfalls and lush surrounding gardens, this Bel Air, California pool, built by Ultimate Water Creations, looks to be the perfect spot for relaxation.

Off the edge

Created by designer and architect Adam D. Tihany, the pool at The Joule Dallas Hotel in Texas extends 8 feet beyond the downtown building, allowing swimmers to literally swim off the hotel’s edge.

Heated borders

In this Austin pool, the only thing between you and the view is a line of fire. Designed by Da Vida Pools LLC, this pool won international awards for its edgy ambiance.

Eley, Amy (206424926)

Ocean view

This luxurious infinity pool at the One & Only Maldives resort lets swimmers swim into the Indian Ocean without swallowing a mouthful of salt water. It also includes a lounging area at the far end, allowing swimmers relax while taking in the view.

Red illusion

Head to Thailand to take a dip in this spectacular red swimming pool at The Library Hotel, which gives off its startling hue because of a mixture of red, yellow and orange tiles on the pool’s floor.

Eley, Amy (206424926)

A grand violin

When a client came to the New Jersey pool company Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Pools asking for a pool in the shape of a violin, the request was met with some surprise. Nevertheless, with fiber-optic rope lighting installed to shine lights resembling violin strings and a koi pond built to act as the violin's bow, the violin pool was born.

Take a dip

This swimming hole from the United Kingdom pool company Clear Water Revival would be a welcome retreat in any climate.