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11 ways to get a better bathroom for $100 or less

You don't need to spend thousands to update your bathroom. Check out these 11 ways to freshen up your space for less than $100.


11 ways to give your bathroom a makeover for $100 or less

Bathroom renovations can be costly, so instead of emptying your bank account to freshen up the space where you freshen up, consider one of these fun, easy and inexpensive ways to give your bathroom an updated look and feel.

Enhance a bare bathroom mirror with a custom frame. Available in a range of styles, these made-to-order frames can be installed in less than 20 minutes and you won’t even need to take the mirror off the wall. Who’s the fairest now?

Get it now: MirrorMate frames, $99 and up at

Spring for a stencil

Add a dynamic visual display on your bathroom walls with some help from a stencil. Blogger Meredith Newberry created this Moroccan-inspired design using Cutting Edge Stencil’s Zamira pattern, some paint and a dose of patience. One take-away tip: Be sure to keep shelving simple to let the design shine. "I tried to leave it as plain as possible and let the stencil speak for itself,” Newberry said.

Get it now: Zamira Allover Stencil, $37.95 at

Spruce up your squares

Give your bathroom tiles some pizazz with Mibo Tattoo Tiles. These fun and affordable decals are available in a variety of chic patterns, both opaque (good for covering cracked ceramics) and see-through (perfect for letting colors shine through). Cover one, cover all or create an eye-catching design all your own. Decals vary in sizes depending on the design, but each are created to thwart moisture and allow for easy application.

Get it now: Mibo Tattoo Tiles, $18-$24 for a set of 6 at

Revamp your vanity

Megan Bowker, blogger behind Two Delighted, updated her ho-hum wooden vanity with a fresh can of paint and the results are no less than stunning. "It completely changed the look of my bathroom for relatively little money,” she said.

What’s on top is key, so snap up cute containers to keep things neat and chic, suggests interior designer and television personality Erinn Valencich. “A fresh tissue box cover, a tray for perfumes, lotions, and a beautiful candle make any bathroom feel fresh.”

Consider rustic storage

For storage that is more interesting than basic plastic containers, think wood. Crates and pallets can be easily transformed into chic holders for jars, linens and more. To keep things texturally interesting, mix up crate sizes, like blogger Elsie Larson did with her bathroom.

Get it now: Find a variety of crates and pallets for less than $100 at

Stash trash in style

Bins should hold garbage without looking like garbage. Invest in a better basket and your bathroom will be better for it. “I love using knitting basket with handles as trash cans,” says celebrity designer and on-air personality Mark Brunetz. This woven beauty includes faux leather accents and a magnetic closure that keeps the lid in place (and your garbage hidden).

Get it now: Snake Charmer Basket, $99 at

Hang statement textiles

“Nothing makes a bathroom more crisp and clean feeling than brand new towels,” says interior designer Trip Haenisch. For daily drying, white is always right. (Fresh, folded and stashed in a wooden bowl, they make any space feel like a spa.) But consider displaying something special on the rack. These lush, multi-textured towels definitely fit the bill.

Get it now: Sechura Towel Collection, $8-$48 at Anthropologie.

Hang a luxe light fixture

Consider adding some star-wattage to your bathroom with a shimmering chandelier. The formal light adds glamour to an otherwise ordinary space.

Get it now: White Mini Chandelier, $53.99 at Target.

Snag a chic curtain

A beautiful shower curtain can completely elevate your space, create a focal point to design around and draw attention away from areas that may need some TLC. This particular stunner, designed by textile artist Garima Dhawan, is definitely worth the splurge.

Get it now: Rain 6 Shower Curtain, $89 at

Spa-ify your shower

Old, rusty shower heads look bad and behave worse. A fancy new one will change your life (at least your morning) and won’t cost a fortune. For example, Kohler’s ergonomic, wall-mounted Flipside shower head offers four spray experiences in one flip-able fixture. It’s just over 5-inches wide (just big enough) and has nice 2.5-gpm (gallons per minute) flow rate. You will never want to dry off.

Get it now: Kohler Flipside shower head, $59.51-$83.25 at

Add a curvy curtain rod

Adjustable, curved curtain rods add extra inches of elbow room to your shower and a cool factor that even teenagers can appreciate. There is also a double-curved curtain rod (one bar for the liner, one for the curtain) that’s twice as nice.

Get it now: Moen® Adjustable Curved Shower Rods, $39.99-$59.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond .