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Synchronized beauty

From bright makeup to glittery outfits, Olympic synchronized swimming is all about flair. Check out a few favorite looks.


Bold beauty, style of Olympic synchronized swimming

China The Chinese team took home the bronze in uniforms depicting the Year of the Dragon painted in fiery red, orange, and yellow.
Michael Sohn
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France Inspired by Swan Lake-headbands and all!-the ladies' white stripes definitely recall our feathered friends
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Greece The Greek ladies' super-taut color-streaked buns complemented their graphic outfits, which sparkled with peach hues a-plenty.
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Italy The Italians wore melon-kissed ensembles, along with matching headpieces. The green vines added a wistful garden inspiration to their looks.
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South Korea

South Korea The South Koreans made a splashy showing with touches of trendy neon and Art Deco inspiration.
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United States

United States The American ladies paid homage to the blazing spirit of competition, with their torch-emblazoned suits.
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Spain The Spain swimmers' tango-inspired routine matched their swimsuits, which reflected the salsa tradition of their homeland. Their performance earned them the silver medal.
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