Retro candy - how sweet it is

From Pop Rocks to Nik-L-Nip wax bottles, here's a tasty trip down taste-bud memory lane.

Gael Cooper 1970's Items

Pop Rocks

You know these treats. They fizz and pop in your mouth like your own tongue is shooting you. They also are part of a great urban legend, but no, Mikey from the Life cereal commercials did not explode after eating these and downing a big bottle of Coke.

Scott Eklund / Red Box Pictures
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BB Bats taffy

Ask your grandma if she had these as a child: BB Bats have been around since 1924, and come in banana, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

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Bubble Tape

If gum is good, six feet of gum is even better. A late 1980s-1990s treat. And if you're bored, use it to measure your height.

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Candy buttons

Whether you call them candy buttons or candy dots, one thing we can all agree on: You'll eat a lot of paper trying to consume these. Did you know each strip has three flavors? Pink is cherry, blue is lime and yellow is lemon. Don't ask us why lime is blue and not green.

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Sugar Daddy

You'll pull your crown out, kid! This caramel lollipop was originally called the Papa Sucker, and gave birth to Sugar Babies, a smaller version. There was even a Sugar Mama for a while, but no longer.

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Candy cigarettes

Nope, candy cigarettes are not illegal, though many people believe they are. Manufacturers tend to call them "candy sticks" for that very reason. Kids remain unfooled.

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Wax bottles

Did we even know these were called Nik-L-Nip? We just called them wax bottles, and couldn't resist chewing the wax like it was gum after sucking out the fruit-flavored syrup.

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Every theater sold Dots, many still do. They're like gum drops without the sugary bath. They probably keep your dentist in business.

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Pixy Stix

Best "Simpsons" line about candy might just be when the Flanders kids tell Bart they can't have sugar and he offers them these, slyly promising, "No sugar in Pixy Stix."

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Fun Dip

Pixy Stix not enough sugar for you? Try Fun Dip, which offers a powdery Pixy Stix-like treat AND a sugary stick to lick it up with. America!

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Mallo Cup

Marshmallow is under-represented in candy. Mallo Cups are as messy as just-melted mozzarella on a pizza, and just as good. Confession: We always tried to save the enclosed cardboard coins for prizes but never got it together enough to send them in.

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Mary Jane

Grandma candy at its finest. Peanut butter and molasses candy could only have been invented pre-World War I. Somewhat similar to Bit-O-Honey, but never quite as popular.

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Wax lips

Need the perfect finishing touch for your Lisa Rinna or Angelina Jolie Halloween costume? Wax lips are the answer.

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Sky Bar

Let us take a moment to mourn the dearly departed Seven Up bar from Pearson's Candy, which boasted connected chocolate pillows with SEVEN different flavors. It's been gone since 1979, but the Sky Bar and its four fillings (caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge) is an acceptable substitute.

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Ring pop

What's better than candy? Candy you can wear. Ring Pops came out in 1979 but we associate them with the rise of rap music and its associated giant jewelry in the 1990s. Blingalicious!

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