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Rainbow foods! Cookies, cakes and more colorful treats

Brighten up your day with these rainbow inspired foods, including cookies, cake, bagels and even a rainbow grilled cheese!


Rainbow bagel

This amazing rainbow bagel from the Bagel Store in Brooklyn is stuffed with cotton candy and cream cheese flavored with rainbow sprinkle cake. See more here.

Fairy bread

Well before the current rainbow trend took off, children in Australia were munching on this simple treat of buttered bread with sprinkles. See more here.


Rainbow burger

This incredible burger is inspired by the three-course dinner bubblegum in the classic Gene Wilder film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." In the movie, the gum tastes like tomato soup, then roast beef and baked potato, and then blueberry cream pie. For a layer-by-layer breakdown, see more here.


Rainbow churros

These limited edition St. Patrick’s day churros were so popular that  Minh Nguyen, product manager for The Loop in Westminster, California, decided to continue sales beyond the holiday. See more here.


Rainbow birthday cake croissants

The rainbow croissant is kind of like the sophisticated cousin of the rainbow bagel. Eating this flaky pastry dusted with ground rainbow sprinkles and a light mascarpone frosting is fun and fancy. See more here.


Rainbow grilled cheese sandwich from Hong Kong's Kala Toast

Rainbow grilled cheese

This classic sandwich gets a colorful makeover with multicolored cheeses flavored with basil (green), tomato (red) and lavender (purple). See more here.



Rainbow heart cake

From the outside, this elegant white cake isn’t as in your face as other rainbow foods, but cut into it and you’ll find a colorful surprise. See more here


Rainbow funfetti pancakes

These pretty pancakes will brighten up any morning. See more here.

Rainbow chocolate chip cookies

These colorful chocolate chip cookies are hypnotizing. See more here.

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