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Plated to perfection: Vegan breakfasts sculpted into art

Ana Finta creates her masterpieces before most of us have had our first cup of coffee. She uses fresh, healthy ingredients to construct artworks so charming, you’ll want to gobble them up.

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Playing with food

Austria-based artist Ana Finta spends a lot of time playing with her plate. The rising Instagram star crafts delicate works of art from her all-natural breakfasts (before she digs in, of course).

From beloved Disney characters to spring scenes and everything in between, they’re all vegan and seriously adorable!

This rice cake with acovado, papaya, sesame and pom seeds makes our mouths water.

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I do believe in fairies

Ana Finta loves creating scenes that bring her back to her childhood, like this portrait of Tinker Bell made of yogurt and fruit puree.

"As a child imagined to be in a fairy world when I played in the flower field by my grandparents house," she writes. "I dreamed that fairies were real."

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Fresh as a daisy

"Making food art is like storytelling to me," Finta says. Her creations, such as these flowers, look virtually alive.

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Doe eyes

Ana Finta spends a lot of time planning out her plates before she begins the food styling process. "I paint and draw a lot in my sketchbook," she said in an email to Then she takes the food into consideration based on consistency, color and taste.

This yogurt deer, one of Ana's personal favorites, is walking along a path of crunchy oatmeal.

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La verdad

Finta has created several plates insprired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, but this raw platter of floral fruits and vegetables is her favorite. She admires Kahlo for her talent and strong ambition, and can relate to her artistic spirit.

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Tart art

This vibrant strawberry smoothie bowl with dried figs and chia looks almost too good to eat!

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Little bunny

"Not everything turns out to be a good idea," Finta told "I always try to acquire new techniques and skills to express myself in new ways." The artist even revisits plate ideas if she comes up with a fresh way to execute her vision.

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This dish, which is made of chia pudding with figs and fresh coconut flakes, makes us want to float away to paradise.

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Scarlet begonias

Finta draws a lot of her inspiration from art and books, though she admits that not everyone shares her passions.

"Once I wanted to transfer my image of Franz Kafka's "The Methamorphosis" (a story in which the main character turns into an insect) into a dessert," she explained. "No one was impressed by that and [they] looked at it as a fail, but in my eyes it was still beautiful."

Finta doesn't let creative differences bother her; after all, she's the one who gets to eat the finished product!

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Playful panda

Sometimes Finta just wants to make something cute. This vanilla yogurt panda was a spontaneous creation.

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A little bird told me...

This sweet creation looks as if it could hop right off the plate and fly away.

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A beautiful canvas

"The plate is my canvas, food is my stain."

Finta decorated her blackberry smoothie bowl with coconut flakes and kumquat.

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Down the rabbit hole

Alice in Wonderland was Ana Finta's childhood hero. As a little girl she often felt like the heroine of Lewis Carroll's book as she slipped into her own imagination.

"I always had a huge fantasy, and enjoyed reading and playing outside in nature. I got lost in daydreams so many times, and forgot everything around me."

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Spoonful of spring

Ana tries to look beyond just basic shapes and colors when she begins a project. "I am always tempted to create something out of everything," she writes.

These adorable spring-themed dessert spoons are made of vegan chocolate, vanilla and caramel pudding.

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Rise to shine

Ana was so thrilled to have feature her work that she crafted a plate just for us! The chia, chocolate and (heart-shaped) rock melon sunrise sits on a backdrop of vanilla yogurt.

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