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Kids' funny letters from camp

Between archery, canoeing, and color wars, kids write their parents letters from summer camp. Or sometimes, they write them nothing at all.


Kelly Marston's son, Reilly, started off the summer by giving her the camp version of "the dog ate my homework."

"Clearly, we will be working on letter writing this summer," said Kim Carr after receiving this letter from her son at camp in North Carolina.

Melanie Frick, now 12, wrote her mother a letter from camp that has become legendary among her parents' friends – for good reason.

"She likes to read," explains Josie's mom, Julie Burton. She likes it so much that she wrote her Kindle a letter telling her how much she missed it instead of her parents.

Tuck Hawkins, then 9, had quite a way with words when demanding to be picked up on his second day of camp.

Trish Loughery received the 'coolest' camp letter ever her 12-year-old son, Jack. "Obviously, he was having so much fun he didn't want to spend too much time writing home," she said.

You better not be throwing a party, because she is watching you with her heart!

"She really loves the dog," says Meg's mom, Mandy, about her daughter's first letter to home from camp.

"Feeling is mutual, kid," said Scary Mommy founder Jill Smokler of her son Ben's brutally honest letter from camp.

Something tells us Abe is messing with his parents.

"The ONLY letter I got all session (addressed by his counselor, lazy kid!)" said Stacie Francombe. Her son Geordie is apparently a young man of few words.