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Good News

Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush

See what Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush say about some sweet family photos.

George W. Bush Hugging Daughters

George W. Bush with his daughters. Says Jenna: "We were in middle school and I had dyed my hair with food coloring to look like Claire Danes in ‘My So-Called Life.’ This was when my dad was running for governor. We were on the campaign with him. (The color lasted) long enough that I did it again."

David Woo / Sygma via Getty Images
Sam Leblond;George H. W. Bush [& Family];Pierce Bush;John E. Jr. Bush;Jenna Bush;Marshall Bush;Barbara Bush

The Bush kids hang out with grandpa George and grandma Barbara. Says Barbara: "Every summer we go to Maine to visit our grandparents and all our cousins go. It’s been like that every year of our life. It’s been an incredible blast. All the grandkids would get into bed with my grandparents as they read the newspaper. We would snuggle together and chat."

Adds Jenna: "You may notice in this picture there is an antique toy, a Teddy Ruxpin. We really loved Teddy Ruxpin and those memories with our grandparents."


David Valdez / The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett
Jenna Bush and Henry Hager Wedding in Crawford, Texas

At Jenna's wedding to Henry Hager in 2008. Recalls Jenna: "Barbara was my maid of honor. We decided to get married in Texas because it’s where I felt the most at home. My parents and my sister knew I should get married where I felt the most at home. My one number memory was walking down the aisle."

Shealah Craighead / FilmMagic
2004 Republican National Convention - Day 2 - Inside

The sisters together at the 2004 GOP convention. Says Barbara: "We were very nervous. It was one of the first public speeches we had ever given. It was really fun to do it together. It cut our nerves a lot."

Adds Jenna: "We’ve always had each other. We felt empowered that day. I was so thrilled when ended up having two girls. That’s what I’ve known."


Carley Margolis / FilmMagic
George W. Bush Campaign - Election Day Eve

The sisters with their mom Laura in November 2004. Says Barbara: "This was the last campaign stop on our dad’s campaign trail and it was in Texas. The next day would be the election. We were exhausted. It was the first campaign we had fully participated in. We had just graduated from college."

Brooks Kraft / Corbis via Getty Images
Today - Season 66

Jenna with her daughter and Savannah Guthrie in July 2017. "This was the day I brought Mila to work. She woke up early. She wanted to go to work with me. Kathie Lee taught her eat peanut butter off a spoon. She got to hang with the women I love including Savannah, who has become one of my best friends. We’re neighbors. Her daughter Vale is one of Mil’s best friends."

NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images