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These Mother's Day letters prove moms have each other's backs

Parenting podcast The Mom Hour challenged listeners to write notes of support to other moms for Mother's Day, and moms across the world did.


"To the new mama who is afraid she will never get the hang of nursing:

Those early weeks are so hard, but find your tribe and you can do this."

"Dear momma who has to return to work and leave your 6-week-old:

Your baby will not love you any less. Your bond with him will remain strong. Go ahead and gush about him at work."

"Dear mum whose own parents don't support your parenting:

Trust that you know what is best for your family and live your own values."

"Happy Mother's Day to moms with little ones in the NICU:

This wasn't in the birth plan you envisioned, but be certain God has great plans for this beautiful little life."

"To the mom of a terrible 2-year-old (or two!):

You aren't alone and it will get better. But for the next year – wine."

"Happy Mother's Day to a mom who just went back to work:

You (hopefully!) love your job, but you love your kids too, and finding the balance is so damn hard."

"Dear mom who struggles with depression, anxiety, or anything along those lines:

Hang onto hope and take care of yourself."

"Dear mother who doesn't believe her husband when he tells her she is beautiful:

Your beauty transcends stretch marks, separated abdominals, and extra skin."