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Glub! Glub! Kids play under water in whimsical, wonderful photos

Two years ago, photographer Alix Martinez started taking dips in swimming pools with her camera for photo shoots with children. Here are the magical results.

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Two years ago, Connecticut photographer Alix Martinez started taking dips in swimming pools with her camera for photo shoots with children. Here are the magical results.

"Their laughter, innocence, silliness and just their cute little selves just fill me up," Martinez said of the children she photographs.

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Catholic twins

Armed with her camera and a bathing suit, the Connecticut photographer started going underwater two years ago to capture unique images of children — and, in the process, she changed her outlook on the deep blue.

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Disco swimmer

"I feel inspired every time I step foot in the water," Martinez told "Children are excited; the ripples, reflections and flowing light just make me in awe."

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Since that first dip, Martinez has built quite a collection of images: Super heroes. Football players. Dancers. Golfers. Nothing is out of question when it comes to her underwater photo shoots.

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"I love when you can look at a photograph and you feel the child's emotion and energy," she said. "I also love photographing children with things that they love: their dolls, trucks, even pancakes. These are the photographs you remember and are touched by later on."

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The process has become easier and more interesting for Martinez with the passage of time. She works with the children's parents to find out what they enjoy, and sometimes the kids will offer unexpected ideas.

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Karate kid

"Photographs are the best gift you can give your children when they grow up. The emotion you feel from the photograph just gives and gives and never stops," she said.

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Sideways cannonball

It wasn't until having her first child that Martinez started to photograph children.

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Putt putt

"So many kids hear 'say cheese' or 'smile for the camera,' and sometimes children see the camera and want to run in the other direction from all the forced poses year after year," she said. "This is different. The children want me to take their photos."

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Many of her photos have a surreal and whimsical feel.

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This image is one of Martinez's favorite from the series. " I love his expression and how clear the water is. When I photographed it I knew it was a winner."

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Tea for two

"When I show up at their homes, sometimes the children will come up with an idea, go inside and come out with something else," she said.

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May the force be with you

"I had a boy go into his home after photographing him playing golf and come out with an entire 'Star Wars' outfit. The look of excitement on his face was priceless."

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Twins squared

Many of her clients hire Martinez just on her underwater work, which people come across in a variety of ways. "I have had a few gallery showings locally, word of mouth, social media, and Google," she said.

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Martinez always disliked being underwater until she started to shoot while being submerged. "I am terrified of the ocean and pool water is always way too cold for me," she said.

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Umbrella princess

"Now that I have a camera in my hand, I have no problem getting in the water," she said.

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Dancing schoolgirls

After months of swimming in pools and playing with kids, Martinez hopes she will have enough photographs by the end of this summer to get a book published.

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Yellow ballet

She said she wants to include a variety of themes in the book, such as sports, superheroes and fine art.

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"You never know what to expect from a child," she said. "You have to be ready."

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