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Gift wrapping ideas from your closet: Give your wine its own sweater


There’s nothing cozier than a bottle of cabernet enrobed in soft cable-knit! The more ornate the knit’s sleeve design, the more festive your final product. Any color sweater can work, white, gray, purple, green – use whatever you have in your closet

Insert your bottle into the sleeve with the top facing sleeve cuff. Give it some room to move, fold down sleeve for a charming touch.

Next, cut sweater one-half inch below the bottle’s bottom.

Using the same sleeve, cut another 3” cuff and slice it vertically so it lays flat. This will serve as the flat bottom for your sleeve. 

Measure and cut around the circumference of your bottle but measure about a half-inch larger.

Next, turn the full sleeve inside out and sew or hot glue the bottom onto the sleeve. Turn it right side out. 

A monochromatic ribbon tied into a bow finishes this dressed-and-ready-to-be-merry package!

Admire the finished gift!