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Tamron Hall

Easters of yesteryear

As the spring holiday draws near, here's a fond look back at some Easter celebrations of yesteryear.

 / Updated 23 PHOTOS

Springing into Easter

As we prepare for the bloom of spring, here's a fond look back at some Easter celebrations of yesteryear.
Here, this modest bunny gets suited up for Easter.

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Cracking up

A boy poses for an Easter greeting card like he's hatching from a big egg.

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A woman emerges from an egg to celebrate the holiday.

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Party time

Women pose with huge baskets of eggs.

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Bunny ears

A woman wears an Easter basket on her head.

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To dye for

A woman poses with decorated eggs circa 1920.

Rue Des Archives
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Chick pic

A girl holds a chick for an Easter portrait taken circa 1945.

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Basket of fun

A farmworker holds a basket of chicks on March 13, 1937, in England.

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Making chocolate delights

Two women at the Cadbury's chocolate factory near Birmingham, England, work joining together chocolate Easter egg halves in preparation for Easter on Feb. 26, 1932.

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A little girl poses in and around an egg for a page in the French newspaper "Le Petit Parisien," circa 1902.

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Babe in a bonnet

An infant stares wide-eyed while emerging from a hat box marked 'Easter Bonnet' in a straw hat decorated with daisies and sunflowers circa 1945.

Lambert / Archive Photos
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Tethered hare

A little girl holds an Easter bunny on a leash, during a hunt for the easter eggs scattered in the grass circa 1955

George Pickow / Hulton Archive
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Let's roll

Easter Egg Rolling Children Pose on the White House Lawn in 1922.

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An Easter treat for two

Twins from Castlebar Nursery School in Sydenham, England who have been evacuated to Mersham-le-Hatch near Ashford in Kent celebrate Easter whilst awaiting adoption, March 23rd, 1940.

William Vanderson / Hulton Archive
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An eggcellent hat

A chicken hatches out of egg on a woman's hat, during an Easter parade in New York, circa 1940

Ruth Sondak / Archive Photos
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Packages of goodies

Two little shoppers in London's Oxford Street with a pair of large Easter eggs and two cartons tied up with string, April 8th, 1936.

Fpg / Hulton Archive
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The bunny's calling card

Children collecting Easter eggs into their baskets sometime in the 1930s.

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Size matters

Four cooks show off their enormous Easter eggs in March of 1923

Topical Press Agency / Hulton Archive
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Snacking and quacking

A toddler eating a chocolate easter egg whilst sitting next to a basket of them crowned by a toy duck on April 13th, 1935

Norman Smith / Hulton Archive
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So close, yet so far

A little boy finds it hard to contain his excitement at a giant Easter egg display in a sweet shop on London's Regent Street on March 22nd, 1952.

Monty Fresco / Hulton Archive
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Preparing for the day

Chocolate Easter eggs being given their finishing touches in a confectionery factory in 1923.

Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive
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A German child makes a discovery on an egg hunt, during the Easter weekend on March 7, 1951.

Keystone-france / KEYSTONE France
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An Easter feaster

A little girl enjoys a large chocolate Easter egg, circa 1930

Fpg / Hulton Archive
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