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Celebrity daddies 2010

From Tom Cruise to Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey, see famous fathers with their adorable children.


Celebrity daddies 2010

Dad: Adam Sandler

Daughters: Sadie and Sunny Madeline Sandler

Fun fact: Sandler didn’t want to be a comedian until age 17, when he performed at a Boston comedy club.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Ben Affleck

Daughters: Violet Anne and Seraphina Affleck

Fun fact: When asked by Matt Lauer how he'd cope with his daughters dating, Affleck, who is married to actress Jennifer Garner, replied: "I'm already planning on it – practicing the rocking-chair-and-rifle routine

Kevin Perkins / Pedro Andrade, P /
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Dad: Travis Barker

Kids: Landon and Alabama Barker

Fun fact: Before his daughter’s birth, he told People magazine: “Hopefully, it will be Christmas Eve. I am hoping for a girl.” On Christmas Eve 2005, a baby girl was born.

Matt Sayles / AP
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Dad: Brad Pitt

Kids: Sons Knox, Maddox, Pax Jolie-Pitt and daughters Zahara, Vivienne and Shiloh Jolie Pitt

Fun fact: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met while co-starring in the 2005 film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Of fatherhood, Pitt said it "completely changes your perspective and certainly takes the focus off yourself."

Luigi Costantini / AP
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Dad: Ed Burns

Kids: Grace and Finn Burns

Fun Fact: Burn’s wife, supermodel Christy Turlington, is attending Columbia University, where she hopes to achieve a master’s degree in public health.

Arnaldo Magnani / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Chris Daughtry

Kids: Hannah and Griffin Daughtry

Fun fact: Chris told People magazine he loves doing Halloween activities with his kids and he sometimes dresses up as Batman.

Danny Moloshok / X01907
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Dad: Chris Elliot

Daughters: Abby and Bridey Elliot

Fun fact: Elliot’s daughter Abby, an “SNL” cast member, is known for her talented impressions of famous celebrities. Abby is the only “SNL” cast member whose father was also on the show.

Jason Szenes / EPA
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Dad: Forest Whitaker

Kids: Sonnet, True, Ocean and Autumn Whitaker

Fun fact: Whitaker recorded a public service announcement with his daughter True for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in order to promote vegetarianism.

Fred Prouser / X00224
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Dad: Jamie Foxx

Daughter: Corrine Foxx

Fun fact: Foxx banned Corrine from dating after the paparazzi thought she was his new girlfriend when they were photographed together outside a restaurant. “She’s not going to date until she’s married,” he joked.

Gabriel Bouys / AFP
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Dad: James Gandolfini

Son: Michael Gandolfini

Fun fact: In high school Gandolfini was named “best-looking.”

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Tom Hanks

Son: Colin, Chester and Truman Hanks

Fun fact: Colin is an actor like his father. His most famous movie was the 2002 teen hit “Orange County.”

Evan Agostini / AGOEV
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Dad: David Hasselhoff

Daughters: Taylor-Ann and Hayley Amber Hasselhoff

Fun Fact: Taylor Ann is an actor and singer. She has appeared on the TV hit “Baywatch” and also the Showtime movie “More Than Puppy Love.”

Angela Weiss / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Hugh Jackman

Kids: Oscar and Ava Jackman

Fun Fact: Jackman’s daughter Ava is an aspiring rock star. She likes to jam to heavy metal and says she’ll “be a mosh-pit girl.”

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Dad: James Caan

Kids: Tara, Scott, Alexander, James and Jacob Caan

Fun Fact: Caan’s son Scott appeared in “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Ocean’s Twelve.”

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Harvey Keitel

Kids: Stella, Hudson and Roman

Fun fact: Keitel once worked as a salesman at a women’s shoe store.

Peter Kramer / KRAPE
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Dad: Keith Urban

Daughter: Sunday Urban

Fun fact: Sunday used to be a lonely day for Urban. He and wife Nicole Kidman named their daughter Sunday because now that day of the week is a joyous one.

Arnaldo Magnani / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Lenny Kravitz

Daughter: Zoe Kravitz

Fun fact: Zoe is an actress and singer who has appeared in movies “The Brave One” and “No Reservations” with Hollywood stars Jodie Foster and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Lenny Kravitz is a distant cousin to Al Roker.

Kevin Mazur / WireImage
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Dad: Larry Birkhead

Daughter: Dannielynn Birkhead

Fun fact: Birkhead was granted custody of Dannielynn in 2007 after a paternity test proved he fathered the child with late model Anna Nicole Smith. “She’s a happy baby, and we’re moving ahead,” Birkhead told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira. “We try to do the playdates like any other family.”

Charlie Riedel / AP
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Dad: Martin Lawrence

Daughters: Jasmine Page, Lyanna and America Lawrence

Fun fact: During school, his teachers would give Martin time at the end of class to make the other students laugh.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Denis Leary

Kids: Jack and Devin Leary

Fun fact: Leary fell in love with a Chihuahua he bought for his daughter. He now carries Coco around with him.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Lorenzo Lamas

Kids: AJ, Alexandra, Victoria, Isabella and Shayne Lamas and Paton Ashbrook

Fun fact: Lamas’ daughter Shayne was a contestant on “The Bachelor.” His son A.J. starred in “American Family.”

David Livingston / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Matthew McConaughey

Kids: Vida and Levi Alves McConaughey

Fun fact: The actor is a big supporter of exposing his children to travel. “Culture and travel’s been the best education I’ve had in my life and my child’s going to have that, hopefully,” he told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira.

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Dad: Eric McCormack

Son: Finnigan Holden McCormack

Fun fact: McCormack and wife Janet named their son Finnigan after the puppet in the 1967 movie “Mr. Dressup.”

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Jack Nicholson

Kids: Lorraine, Raymond and Jennifer Nicholson, Honey Hollman and Caleb Goodard

Fun fact: Nicholson was raised by his grandmother after his father abandoned him and he thought his grandmother was his real mother. The truth was revealed years later during a Rolling Stone interview.

Bobby Bank / WireImage
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Dad: Richie Sambora

Daughter: Ava Sambora

Fun fact: Ava made her runway debut in the 2010 White Trash Beautiful show, which kicked off LA Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

Matt Sayles / AP
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Dad: Ricky Martin

Sons: Matteo and Valentino Martin

Fun fact: Martin became the father to twin boys in 2008 via a gestational surrogate.

Pablo Alfaro / Courtesy of Ricky Martin
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Dad: Gavin Rossdale

Sons: Kingston and Zuma Rossdale

Fun fact: Rossdale’s son Kingston is named after Kingston, Jamaica.

Bret Thompsett, Pedro Andrade / Bret Thompsett, Pedro Andrade, P
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Dad: Tim Roth

Sons: Jack, Timothy, Cormac Roth

Fun fact: Roth enjoys a quiet life at home with his wife and sons. He said he'd rather stay away from the Hollywood scene of parties and nightlife.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Russell Crowe

Sons: Charles and Tennyson Crowe

Fun Fact: When Crowe’s wife became pregnant with Charles, they gave up drinking alcohol together.

Damian Dovarganes / AP
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Dad: Bob Saget

Daughters: Aubrey, Lara and Jennifer Saget

Fun fact: Saget is known for his R-rated humor. He often told inappropriate jokes on the set of “Full House” in front of the young actresses who played his daughters on the show.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Liev Schreiber

Sons: Sasha and Samuel Schreiber

Fun fact: When asked about a third child, Schreiber and wife Naomi Watts said they’d only have another one if they could guarantee a baby girl.

Arnaldo Magnani / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Tony Shalhoub

Daughters: Josie Lynn and Sophie Shalhoub

Fun fact: Shalhoub and his wife, actress Brooke Adams, are currently starring in the Broadway musical “Lend Me a Tenor.”

Paul Buck / EPA
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Dad: Seal

Kids: Henry, Johan, Lou and Leni Klum

Fun fact: Of her husband Seal, supermodel Heidi Klum told US magazine: "I will always want to be not only his wife, mother of his children and his best friend, but also his hot girl who keeps making effort to be attractive and fun."

Lucy Nicholson / X90050
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Dad: Paul Simon

Kids: Adrian, Lulu and Gabriel and Harper Simon

Fun fact: Simon’s song “Father and Daughter” tells of a father’s love for his daughter and is written from Simon’s point of view.

Kathy Willens / AP
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Dad: Tobey Maguire

Kids: Ruby Sweetheart and Otis Tobias Maguire

Fun fact: Maguire told People magazine after the birth his first child, “I love being a dad. It’s amazing. It’s like everybody says, all the clichés are true. It’s indescribable.”

Chris Wolf / FilmMagic
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Dad:Tom Cruise

Kids: Isabella, Connor and Suri Cruise

Fun fact: Isabella and Connor were adopted by Cruise and his second wife, Nicole Kidman; Suri is his daughter with third wife Katie Holmes. "I'll never forget the moment I became a dad," Tom Cruise said to Esquire magazine. "It's hard to describe that level of responsibility, the desire to give such joy. And the clarity; nothing is more important than this."

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Dad: John Travolta

Kids: Ella and Jett Travolta

Fun fact: John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston announced in May 2010 that they are expecting a child after trying for several years.

Fred Prouser / X00224
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Dad: Pete Wentz

Son: Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Fun fact: Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson named their first son Bronx Mowgli after the ornery main character in “The Jungle Book.”

Paul Hiffmeyer / Disneyland
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Dad: Will Smith

Kids: Trey Willard III, Jaden Christopher Syre, Willow Camille Reign Smith

Fun fact: In 2006, Smith co-starred with his son Jaden in “The Pursuit of Happyness.” Smith plays a struggling salesman living on the street and trying to take care of his son (Jaden).

Michael Buckner / Getty Images North America
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Dad: Robin Williams

Kids: Zachary, Zelda, Cody Williams

Fun fact: Williams says fatherhood was a reason he stopped drinking. He wanted to be aware and awake during his children’s lives.

Katy Winn / WINNK
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Dad: Bruce Willis

Daughters: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis

Fun fact: In 2004, Willis hosted a two-hour television special in which he talked about the problem with fathers in America: They aren’t present in one out of four homes.

Nina Prommer / EPA
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