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Pets & Animals

Animal Tracks: June 28 - July 4

From a greedy meerkat to a yawning lion and an eight-legged soccer fan, see images of critters great and small.


Time for a nap

A lion yawns at a nature reserve on the outskirts of Pretoria, South Africa.

Enrique Marcarian | X00175
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Splish, splash

A bird splashes in the water of a fountain to cool off on a hot summer day in the Mon-Repos public parc in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Denis Balibouse | X90072
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Unlikely friends

A small goat stands next to a dozing rhino at the zoo in the eastern German city of Schwerin.

Jens Buttner | DPA
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Where's that boat?

A reveller looks at a bull after jumping into the sea followed by the bull during the 'Bous a la mar' or "Bulls to the sea" festival in the eastern town of Denia, Spain. The bulls are later brought back to land by small boats.

Alberto Saiz | AP
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Taming of the beasts

Wild horses are gathered during the "Rapa Das Bestas" event in the Spanish village of Sabucedo. On the first weekend in July, hundreds of wild horses are rounded up, trimmed and groomed in different villages in Spain's northwestern region of Galicia.

Miguel Vidal | X01219
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Help me!

A fly is caught in a Venus flytrap plant in the RHS Floral Marquee during the press preview day of the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London. The 21st Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the UK's biggest gardening show, covering 34 acres.

Oli Scarff | Getty Images Europe
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Where's the beach?

Blue crabs line up against a wall along the main seaside avenue of Cancun, Mexico. According to the city's environmental agency, more than 200 crabs were rescued and another estimated 1,000 are yet to be caught after the crabs came out when ongoing public works along the avenue disrupted their nests.

Israel Leal | AP
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Kiss it better

It's a moment a million mothers will recognize as an orangutan mum displays human-like affection kissing her male baby's hurt finger. Mother orangutan Deedee and her baby Randee live at Lowry Park Zoo, Fla.

Caters News | Caters News
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Are you my mother?

Pia Marie Witt takes a refreshing dip in a forest lake together with her Indian Runner Ducks in Fuerstenwalde, Hesse state, Germany. Pia was choosen the 'Duck Mama' by the ducklings after they hatched. In a few weeks she plans to swim from Kassel via the Fulda and Weser rivers down to the North Sea where the ducklings will be released into the wild.

Uwe Zucchi | DPA
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Swim into the light

A grey nurse shark swims through an artificial beam of light at the Sydney Aquarium. The aquarium has been transformed for a limited time into Shark HQ, an interactive shark adventure where the public can track individual sharks up and down the coast and walk down tunnels displaying one of the world's largest collections of sharks.

Greg Wood | AFP
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The water's fine

Owner Mark Slevin's dog Ringo leaps off the dock into the pool as he retrieves a bumper during the DockDogs competition in downtown Houston. Hundreds of dogs competed in different categories over the holiday weekend.

David J. Phillip | AP
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Back away from the watermelon

A meerkat at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle defends a watermelon from three others. The animals were given the treats for the Fourth of July holiday. Eventually, all of them appeared to have had a chance to sample the tasty treat.

Ted S. Warren | AP
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Crawling away

A Cambodian girl shows off a live spider clinging on her shirt at the town of Skun, Kampong Cham province, 46 miles northeast of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The town is the well-known place for selling deep-fried spiders to travelers, who stop by on their way to and from the country's northern and northeastern provinces. Live spiders are also put into rice wine to make traditional medicinal liquor.

Heng Sinith | AP
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Ready for my closeup

A newly emerged adult dragonfly dries its wings in the sunshine near a pond in Roseburg, Ore. The larval stage of large dragonflies may last as long as five years. When the larva is ready to metamorphose into an adult, it climbs up a reed or plant.

Robin Loznak | Robin Loznak
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A rare snuggle

Long-billed vulture chicks huddle at a breeding center in Pinjore, northern India's Haryana state. One of the world's most endangered birds, the vultures have been bred in captivity for the first time in India, scientists said.

Royal Society for the Protection
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You laughing at me?

Three Appaloosa horses sport their personal fly masks as they dine on hay while awaiting transportation back to Troy, Mo., following their competing in the 2010 World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show in Jackson, Miss. The fly masks protect the horses' eyes from flies and other winged bugs, as well as UV-rays.

Rogelio V. Solis | AP
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A cool shower

A yet nameless baby elephant and its mother Farina literally soak up a refreshing shower in the zoo of Hanover, Germany.

Jochen Luebke | DPA
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Baby, it's hot outside

A baby monkey holds on to its mother in a swimming pool to escape the summer heat at Nanwan Monkey Island in Lingshui county in China's Hainan province.

Kevin Zhao | X02306
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A wrong turn

A butterfly is caught in a spider web in the Sharr mountains, southwest of the Kosovo capital Pristina.

Hazir Reka | X01064
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Tastes like chicken

Two live Tasmanian devils eat fresh meat placed inside a fake dead kangaroo designed to look like road kill at Taronga Zoo's new Tasmanian Devil Breeding Center in Sydney. The center will play an important role in helping to save the world's largest remaining carnivorous marsupial, allowing visitors to the zoo to see conservation action, with an outdoor 'classroom' showing the difficulties the devil faces in the wild.

Greg Wood | AFP
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You go first

African penguins stand along the rocks at Boulders Beach in Simon's Town, South Africa. The vulnerable species live in a penguin colony in False Bay that is part of Table Mountain National Park. Since breeding two pairs in 1982, the penguin colony has grown over the years to more than 3,000. World Cup tourists have brought double the usual numbers of people visiting the famous penguin breeding ground.

Paula Bronstein | Getty Images
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The eight-legged 'Oracle'

Octopus 'Paul' swims in a basin of the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. Dubbed the 'World Cup oracle,' the eight-legged soccer fan predicts Spain will beat Germany in their semifinal.

Roland Weihrauch | DPA
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