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Pets & Animals

Animal Tracks: Feb. 2 -9

Tiny turtles, a pouty ostrich, and more of the week's best animal photos.

 / Updated 23 PHOTOS

Trying to get ahead

A tortoise stands on the back of another tortoise at Sri Lanka's National Zoological Gardens at Dehiwala in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Feb. 8.

M.a.pushpa Kumara / EPA
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What a laugh!

Sea lions interact at Sri Lanka's National Zoological Gardens at Dehiwala in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Feb. 8.

M.a.pushpa Kumara / EPA
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Seeing stripes

A zebra stands in Sri Lanka's National Zoological Gardens at Dehiwala in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Feb. 8.

M.a.pushpa Kumara / EPA
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Not a peep

An ostrich walks around at Qingdao Animal World in China on Feb. 8.

Str / AFP
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Hair raising

A squirrel sits in front of a Tibetan prayer flag in Cologne, Germany, on Feb. 8.

Henning Kaiser / DPA
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Busy birds

Ducks stroll around at the Haus-Garten-Freizeit fair in Leipzig, Germany, on Feb. 7.

Hendrik Schmidt / DPA
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Turtles of the Amazon

Quelonios turtle hatchlings pile on each other before being released by members of the Pe-de-pincha project into a lake in the Amazon municipality of Careiro, on Feb. 4.

Stringer/brazil / X01489
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Awesome orangutan

Newborn orangutan, Rieke, is presented to the press at The Berlin Zoological Garden in Germany on Feb. 6. The baby was born on Jan. 12.

Ralf Hirschberger / DPA
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New addition

A six-day-old baby giraffe named Ikinya sits in the Giraffe House at the of Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden on Feb. 6.

Attila Kisbenedek / AFP
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Mother's arms

Baby kangaroo, Norman, is held by his surrogate mother, zookeeper Yvonne Wicht, at the Zoo in Krefeld, Germany, on Feb. 6. Norman was born in September and was rejected by his biological mother.

Frank Augstein / AP
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Year of the sheep

A young girl plays with sheep at a sheep cafe in Seoul on Feb. 6. A growing number of visitors including foreign tourists are coming to the cafe to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Year of the Sheep, according to the cafe's owner.

Kim Hong-ji / X02955
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Frigid fun

Polar bear Anori enjoys the freezing temperatures while playing at the Wuppertal Zoo in Wuppertal, Germany, on Feb. 5.

A4580/_maja Hitij / dpa
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Catching some rays

Meerkats warm up in the Wilhelma Zoo in Germany on Feb. 3.

Marijan Murat / DPA
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Party pooper

Sumatran tiger Melati growls while walking past a box to celebrate the first birthday of her cub triplets at London Zoo on Feb. 4. The zookeepers left gifts for the cubs, but they were afraid to approach the boxes, leaving their mother to enjoy its contents.

Stefan Wermuth / X90073
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Say cheese

A rhinoceros called Maruska eats a vegetable birthday cake at her first birthday celebration at the Plzen Zoo in the Czech Republic on Feb. 3.

Isifa / Getty Images Europe
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3 little birds

Seagulls fly over the Baltic Sea resort of Karlshagen Beach in Germany on Feb. 3.

Stefan Sauer / DPA
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Hold on tight

A monkey holds its young close during a snow storm in Srinagar, India, on Feb. 3.

Farooq Khan / EPA
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Time for your checkup

A zookeeper holds a male sloth baby as he is examined at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany on Feb. 3. Sloth bear twins were born at the zoo on Dec. 25.

Hendrik Schmidt / DPA
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Fancy flamingos

Flamingos flock in the morning sun at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa on Feb. 3.

Kim Ludbrook / EPA
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Extraordinary sight

Migrating starlings fly in formation across the sky near the southern Israeli town of Rahat on Feb. 2.

Nir Elias / X90070
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Spring is coming

Staten Island Chuck is seen in his viewing unit, a box with clear plastic sides and fake turf, during a Groundhog Day weather prediction event at the Staten Island Zoo in New York on Feb. 2. Despite the shadows cast by the strong halogen lights pointing at the groundhog, Staten Island Chuck appeared to have a favorable prediction, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that spring is coming.

Stephanie Keith / X03264
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Karma chameleon

A veiled chameleon sits on a branch at the Thuringian Zoo in Germany on Feb. 2.

Candy Welz / DPA
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Candid cub

Female tiger cub Alisha licks her nose at the zoo in Berlin, Germany, on Feb. 2. The cub is the last surviving animal of a triplet litter born on Dec. 10, 2014. The mother tiger did not have enough milk and two of the three cubs died after eleven days.

Timâ Brakemeier / DPA
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