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Pets & Animals

Animal Tracks: April 26 - May 3

Find mama and baby bears, cats, jaguars, zebras and more in this special Mother’s Day edition of our slideshow of cute critters.


Under her wing

A Canada goose and gosling relax near a pond in Roseburg, Ore.

Robin Loznak | Robin Loznak
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On the spot

Lolo, a black Jaguar, plays with her newborn spotted cub inside their cage at the zoo in Yaduda, Jordan.

Ali Jarekji | X00137
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Stair-step siblings

Three kittens relax, along with their mother, on a step stool under a house porch in Harlingen, Texas.

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Mama's mini-me

A bonobo cuddles her mother, Kuni, at the Jacksonville Zoo, in Jacksonville, Florida, as mother and daughter are shown to the public for the first time.

Marian Brickner | Caters News
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Mama's boy

A 4-day old elephant calf stands beside his first-time mother, Karishma, at Whipsnade Zoo near Dunstable, central England.

Adrian Dennis | AFP
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Swimming lessons

A newborn manatee swims with the help of its mother, Eva, hours after being born at the Singapore Zoo.

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Supportive mom

Mello, a 1-month-old lion cub, lays his head on the paw of his mother, Veni, at Prigen Safari Park in Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia.

Trisnadi | AP
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Oh, baby

A red-necked wallaby mother sits with her baby in her pouch, as she discovers her new enclosure at the zoo in Hanover, Germany.

Stefan Simonsen | DDP
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The mother lode

Three-year-old Galia suckles her first litter of six puppies at the Barry Foundation, a center for breeding kennels for St. Bernards in Martigny, Western Switzeland.

Fabrice Coffrini | AFP
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On the lamb

A 6-day-old sheep nuzzles its mother, Mana, at the Saitama Children's Zoo in Higashimatsuyama, near Tokyo, Japan.

Itsuo Inouye | AP
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On the fence

A monkey along with its baby walks atop a gate in the ruins of the Feroz Shah Kotla mosque in New Delhi.

Parth Sanyal | X01848
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Neck and neck

A baby giraffe is seen with its mother in the zoo of Hanover, northern Germany.

Kai-uwe Knoth | AP
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Bear with me

A brown bear mother and one of her newly born off-spring enjoy the sunshine in the Attica Zoological Park on the outskirts of Athens, Greece.

Orestis Panagiotou | ANA
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This little piggy went to market

A sow and her piglets walk in the snow on a pig farm in Thame, near Oxford, southern England.

Eddie Keogh | X01801
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Think pink

An adult Chilean pink flamingo looks over her 2-week-old chick at the Bronx Zoo in New York. Deceptively white now, it will take two years for this chick to develop its pink feathers.

Julie Larsen Maher | Wildlife Conservation Society
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The name game

A newborn zebra stands with its mother, Yoko, at a zoo in Lima, Peru.

Martin Mejia | AP
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Kanna, a female Bengal tiger, sits with her cubs at a private house in Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia discovered five tigers that have been raised by a man at his home for about 25 years, an official said.

Adek Berry | AFP
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A dollop of Daisy

Orangutan mother Daisy kisses her baby, Dodi, at the zoo in Dresden, eastern Germany, where Dodi was born in November.

Norbert Millauer | DDP
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The end

Geraldine, a baby rhinoceros, runs beside her mother, Claudia, at the Serengeti Safari Park in the northern German village of Hodenhagen.

Christian Charisius | X00910
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