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20 cool wedding invitations

An invitation in a View-Master? Or record player? Check out unique wedding invitations from couples who aren’t afraid to think outside the envelope.


Wedding is coming

There are couples who agonize over the wording on their wedding invitations: who is requesting the presence of whom, and so on.

And then there are other couples who agonize over the medium of their invites. Who wants paper, when details can be just as easily printed on cloth, wood, or edible baked goods?

As personalized weddings become more and more popular, invitations are no longer viewed as of mere conveyers of information, but rather fun and unique expressions of the engaged couple, setting the tone of the impending celebration.

Moreover, couples are increasingly looking to create invites that will not only inform their guests, but delight them too.

Check out these cool wedding invitations from couples who aren’t afraid to think outside the box envelope.

This Game of Thrones inspired "Wedding is Coming," hold the date invitation is perfect if your from House Lannister or the Night's Watch.

Hole punch

This invitation by La Caja de tipos has micro-perforated laser-cut circles that each guest can punch out to make their own design. But it doesn’t stop there, the leftover circles become confetti to be thrown at the wedding.

Comissioned illustrations for real wedding Invitations. The get one personalized invitations please send a mail to:


Manuel Morgado will make you a personalized wedding invitation to suit the impending zombie apocalypse.

Mad Men Inspired Save The Date Invites

Mad Men

Huge fan of Don Draper? (I know, he's not the best man to be featured on a wedding invite) but this Mad Men Inspired save the date invitation by Wedding is fun all the same.

Comic strip website

Ryan Stone and Rebecca Barnett's wedding invite was digital, but also had a paper compent for guests. The website told the story of how they fell in love and decided to get married.

"I loved and still love our website," Rebecca told "I don't ever want to take it down! It just tells our story and that's so special to me. When I look at each of the images I remember everything about those times."

"I think it was a hit, but probably more so with our friends and immediate family because they knew these stories, she said. "But I think in the end it was more for us, to do something different that fit our personalities, showed a little bit about who we are and also set the atmosphere for our wedding."

Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Save The Date

Scratch off

You won't win cash but you will get your wedding date in a more enjoyable way. Try this scratch off invite that reveals the date of your wedding by FreshPaperStudios.

Balloon is sure to inflate the fun your guests will have opening up your invitation.


This decoder save-the-date invitation is both fun and unusual. They come with red glasses that reveal the wedding details as seen on The Ruffled blog .

An official guide to tying the knot, complete with a map, a be-prepared checklist, and survival tips by Urban Influence.

Map and survival tips

An official guide to tying the knot, complete with a map, a be-prepared checklist, and survival tips by Urban Influence is sure to bring out the naturalist in everyone.

Cartoon love

Graphic artist Ellen Forney crafts unique personal wedding invitations, featuring fun drawings of the couple.

Viewmaster Invitation
Design your invitation in full-color kodachrome! This invite features a nostalgic viewmaster with custom picture reel and insert card for additional information. Perfect for a wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion.


Designer Elana Dweck of Melangerie, Inc., came up with the idea for View-Master wedding invites. Couples simply provide seven photos of themselves with captions, along with any other text they want on the coordinating insert cards and return address labels.

Melangerie will send a proof of the design after two or three weeks. Once approved, the production process takes about two more weeks. Clients assemble and mail the components themselves.

These one-of-a-kind invites don’t come cheap — prices start at $1,800 for 10. But wouldn’t it be fun to create View-Master slides for all of life’s big announcements? Get them here.

Tin cans

Inpsired by the Greek custom of attaching tin cans to the back of a newlywed couple’s car, Greek designer Chris Trivizas designed this tin-can wedding invite

In addition to providing the details of the wedding (location, date, etc.,) the invite has printed instructions on how to attach the can to the hubcap of the car with string.

Paper dolls

These playful paper-doll wedding invitations were created for the 2007 wedding of Lizzie Bean and her husband, Adam. The dolls came with a tuxedo for him and bridal gown for her, plus honeymoon outfits. Want to copy the idea? Pose for the doll pictures in shorts and T shirts, then use Photoshop or iPhoto to place the images on blank backgrounds.They can then be printed on card stock (either professionally, or just by going to Kinkos) with wedding details on the back. RSVP cards can be made in the form of little suitcases or accessories.

A paper record

Designer Kelli Anderson helped create this interactive invitation for music-loving friends named Mike and Karen.

“We knew the invitation had to be about music, and it had to build excitement about the event, so it was just putting the pieces together and doing a lot of amateur engineering experiments to make it work,” Anderson told

First, Mike and Karen recorded a song together on a Flexidisc. Next Anderson developed a working phonograph using a sewing needle and paper folded at a right angle. The invitations were then printed in booklet form, with wedding details in front and easy-to-follow folding instructions in the middle. (The “turning” of the record player is done manually, using a finger.) In case of any technological difficulties, Mike and Karen also hosted the song on their wedding website, so guests could be sure to hear it.

“It was worth it.” Anderson says of all the hard work. “Their friends and family immediately understood that it was a celebration of the couple.”

Paper fortune teller

This paper fortune teller (or "cootie catcher") invite from Etsy is sure to send guests right back to the fifth grade. The package comes with invite, RSVP card, envelope, and instructions for folding the invitation; guests will be able to pick a color and see their fortune, just like they did in elementary school. Invite packages start at $10.

Cookie invitations

These cookies from Lady can be custom-ordered with wedding information on them — and then devoured. The cookies can be decorated to match specific wedding colors, though the amount that can be printed in icing is somewhat limited, so an additional card or website providing details is necessary. Still, a pretty sweet way to announce good news! (Starting at $9 each.)

Pocket square

Kelli Anderson designed this pocket square (folded handkerchief) invite, which she calls a “Handkermap”, for the 2010 wedding of Youngna Park and Jacob Krupnik. The couple, whose wedding was held on a mountaintop, wanted to incorporate a map onto their invite to evoke a sense of adventure.

Anderson began by sketching a design for a cardboard sleeve with pertinent wedding details printed on it, to hold the handkerchief. Park then mapped out the wedding route on Google Maps, including landmarks on the way. Anderson used this map as the basis of her illustrated design. They then sent the design to a third-party company to be printed on handkerchiefs.

In order to save space and money, they decided to forgo RSVP cards, instead directing guests to a website where they could RSVP and get more wedding details.

Ouija board

Who says a wedding invite can’t get a little ghoulish? Designer Erin Blankley says she came up with the dea for this Ouija board-inspired invite after seeing a Ouija board guitar. “I like to think up designs that will jolt the eyeballs,” she told

The boards are especially popular with couples throwing “Hallow-weddings," which center around dark and gothic themes. (Fair warning: They're $11 a pop.)

Boarding pass

Get your ticket to most creative wedding in town. Designs by Ceci New York offers airline-inspired destination wedding invitations that allows guests to view all the information they need to make their travel plans to the big day. Pricing starts at $898 for 50 fun tickets. Fasten your seatbelts!

8-bit video game

Two German lovebirds made it official with a Mario Bros.-inspired video game that challenged guests to "unlock the wedding details," according to The game, dubbed "Incredible Adventure," allowed folks to play as either the bride or the groom.

"We knew that we didn't want standard paper invites," bride Darina Goldin told "We wanted something for people to keep and remember. We're geeks. We love video games. Why not have a video game invite?"