12 seriously sinister monster sandwiches

Bye bye ham and cheese, Kasia Haupt Canning makes over boring sandwiches into delightful devils and vibrant vampires.

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Quesadilla de los Muertos

This is a quesadilla to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on November 1st and 2nd. It’s made to look like Mexican sugar skulls that are traditionally decorated with icing, foil, beads, and feathers. It’s filled with cheese and topped with colored tortillas, bologna, cheese, and a vegetable medley. Use mini cookie cutters to help cut out shapes and cream cheese if you want to “glue” anything in place.

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This little werewolf is filled with medium-rare steak and a garlic mayo cream sauce. His head is made from a loaf of rye bread with the top crust cut off to shape his face. His teeth are made from garlic cloves, because when you have a werewolf in your kitchen, the last thing you need is vampires lurking around. To make the simple cream sauce, combine mayo, sour cream, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Don’t forget to make a full moon, made of Swiss cheese of course.

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The Grim Brie'per

This Grim Reaper won’t taste very good, but don’t tell him that. His black cloak is made from a burnt mini baguette, and his face is cut out of Brie cheese. The facial features are cut out from a sheet of nori (seaweed) and his arm is attached with cream cheese. The sickle is simply a pretzel stick with a strip of tin foil. To make this guy a little more delicious, try making the cloak from dark rye or pumpernickel bread instead.

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Count Monterey Jack'ula

This vampire would rather eat a grilled cheese sandwich than suck your blood. His hair and eyebrows are painted on with a mixture of spicy mustard and black food coloring. His fangs are chunks of Monterey Jack cheese attached with toothpicks. The cape is made from toasted pumpernickel tortilla (cut out shapes before you bake) and his collar is a red pepper.

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These edible Jack-o-Lanterns are super versatile. Take sliders or any small, round sandwich and get to decorating. Use toothpicks and cream cheese to make the facial features stick (don’t forget to take out the toothpicks before eating!). Create the pumpkin stems by sticking a toothpick into the top of the sandwich and slipping a piece of chive or scallion over it.

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Gravy yard

To make this spooky graveyard, cut off the top of a rectangular loaf of bread (leaving a thick border) and scoop out some of the insides. Use that top crust to cut out grave shapes. Cut out shapes like bones, black cats and pumpkins from colored tortillas. (Bake them so they get crispy, otherwise the shapes will wilt.) Fill the hollowed bread with mashed potatoes, then make a fence using lattice-shaped pretzels. Now gently tuck in your creepy shapes and carefully pour some gravy on top. Add scallions as pumpkin stems, and carve skull shapes out of uncooked button mushrooms.

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Hampire bat

This little vampire bat looks thirsty for mustard. His wings are thick-cut ham attached to a sourdough body with barbecue skewers and pumpernickel tortillas make the brows, fangs, and feet.

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Maybe turn this ghoul away from you when you eat it. His head is a small, hallowed-out sourdough loaf stuffed with beef goulash, but any thick stew would work well. His ghostly eyeballs are cocktail onions and the purple around them is gravy mixed with a few drops of black food coloring. Filling the bread bowl with a dip instead of goulash would turn this into a spooky party appetizer.

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Three Fry-ed monster

This three-eyed monster might be what’s lurking under your bed at night. If so, sleep well knowing that at least you’ll have a tasty midnight snack within reach. His belly is filled with a turkey burger covered in provolone cheese. You can use any vegetables to make his facial features, but this one happens to have a baby carrot mouth with cheese fangs and green pepper horns. His spots are lettuce circles (which stick with just a tiny bit of water). A great substitution for the turkey patty would be ham, cheese, and more french fries.

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This Frankenstein monster isn’t alive, but he is tasty. His head is made from hotdogs wrapped in a spinach tortilla. The hair and eyebrows are made from baked pumpernickel tortilla, and his nose is a crunchy pickle. The eyes are black olives stuffed with a tiny piece of white bread. His scar and mouth are both made from slices of hot dog and attached with cream cheese.

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Devil'ed ham

Spending a little too much time around fire made this devil a bit over-toasted. His belly is filled with canned deviled ham on top of fresh kale. His mouth, tail and corns are spicy red peppers attached with toothpicks, and his eerie eyes are circles cut from a yellow pepper. The hand was cut out from a flour tortilla using a small cookie cutter and he’s holding a “pitch” fork, which is useful for eating deviled ham salad.

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This beefy zombie is filled with steak tartar, which is minced raw meat seasoned with oil, egg, salt, pepper, and usually chopped pickles and onions. This minimal version uses very fresh, high-quality beef from a local butcher and the onions are only used as buck teeth. If you’re not into eating raw beef, just cook it up in a pan and enjoy this zombie warm.

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